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Use these tips to make your single life enjoyable and memorable


Hi everyone,
I'm in the mood to talk about human relationship this week. So, I guess the theme of this week is love and relationship.I really love to talk about this topic because I find its interesting and I'm currently on it so it's easy to says anything about it.As per usual, I will be always be honest in my writing, no hiding or no fake tips.
This time, I want to share about how to make your single life enjoyable and memorable.

Firstly, why do you not feel your single life is enjoyable?
You feel boring because no one loves you? Maybe not all feel this way but let me tell you, to be happy, you no need anybody, only you can make yourself happy. Even if you have someone in your life, if you are not happy then no use. The key here is be your own happiness.
While you waiting for Mr Rights, you can do as below.

#Do what you love.
Everyone has something that they love to do right? Maybe you love to do crafting, playing music, travel or etc.While you still not found your better half, do it! Why I say like that? because after you in relationship, the chance to do all you love is a bit lower. Of course lah, you sibuk dating and sibuk get to know your future partner, kan? You still can do it but confirm you can't lah. Ajak dating, then confirm cancel one...haha. This is true!Don't believe me, wait and see!.

#Learn to be better on something
For me, I find it so cool when I know someone know something very well. Like when I met my boyfriend, I was feel so interested in him because he can play music instruments. I love that. He played it very well and he look cool...arghhh! the best feeling! So, be better on something. But remember, don't be better on something just to impressed people, do because you love it.

#Hang out with friends
One confirm jalan punya tips! Hang out! hang out! Don't just live in your own world. You can but find time to hang out and get to know people. Who knows your jodoh just in your circle?

#Don't be afraid to try something new
What I mean here is when you used to be in your circle but you can't find anyone, then try something new. Who knows, the new thing you try guide you to the love one.

#Be positive about yourself
Something that crucial thing to do while you single!
BE POSITIVE about YOU! Don't condemn yourself because you don't have anyone. It's not time yet! Don't be so desperate until you condemn yourself. Each thing in life is have time. So, while wait for the relationship to bloom, be positive about yourself.

#Love yourself
The most important one, LOVE LOVE YOURSELF.
How can you love someone when you don't even love yourself? Learn how to love yourself first before you love others.

#Family time
Maybe during single season, it's your time to spend with your family. While you are still single, spend your time with your family because after you in relationship, everything and everyday you want to be with your loved one. Cannot separate pon...haha.

#Go travel
This is what I did. Thanks to God, because of my frequent travelling so finally my boyfriend feel different when I left out the country...hehe.

Maybe you thought, alahh...senang you cakap because you already have boyfriend. No no, it's not like that. I've been single after my breakup and I know how hard is that. When I saw my friends hang out with her boyfriend, they get married, look happy, it's killing me! But, looking back, I shouldn't feel that way because everyone has their own journey.
So, while you in single life, make the most of your life.Don't forget to prepare yourself to be in relationship as well. Waiting for someone to come is never easy but it will be worth it.

Happy Single to every single human! You are loved!


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