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How do I feel after my engagement?

Hi there~
Since I come back from my hometown with the new status, some of my friends has been asking me, how do I feel after get engaged?
I always jokingly said " rasa oren"....hahhaaa but let me share how do I feel after the engagement here.


Every little thing

Hi there~
I guess this one need to share here. My intention was to show how beautiful all the "hantaran" from my fiancĂ©'s family.They work hard to make it so it's waste not to share to my reader here.  I really appreciate it. For Kenyah culture, we don't have something like this so it's amazing to see these beautiful stuffs.I love everything and I appreciate it so much.
One interesting story about these hantaran.


DIY geometric paper background for our engagement ceremony

Today I have a fun geometric paper backdrop from one of website on pinterest.com.
I used this backdrop for my engagement ceremony but this backdrop can be used for whatever events you can dreamed of.
It is made of 3 sizes of shapes. My theme color for engagement is the shade of pink. The main color is milineal pink, I don’t know if you ever heard of that color but I love this color(supriseily). Without further due, here is how to make this geometric backdrop,


Our engagement ceremony | 18.8.18

Hi everyone~
I am beyond blessed to shared this post with you guys.
Can't believe this will be happened on this year but I know, everything happened because of God's loves for us and our family. So, here I am present our engagement ceremony special post. Without further due, let's see the photos of our engagement ceremony.


The secret of happy life that we don't know

Oh dear Lord, you must be kidding me!
I have been lived in this earth for almost 30 years and why I never see this? The answer of that why is I never really read Bible with all of my heart, I just read it for the sake of feel safe and my target to read it and know about it.Whoaaa.. this verses really hit me deeply.

Do you want to enjoy life?
Do you want to have many happy days?
Psalms 34:12

I was struck with these verse. Of course I want to enjoy life and have many happy days, then the next verse hit me deeply.
I will share it with you guys or you can open your own Bible.


Be filled with joy

Always be filled with joy in the Lord. I will say it again.Be filled with joy. - Philippians 4:4

It's 8.8.2018, special date so I will make a post on blog.
This past week quite intense for me. There's a lot of things to do and it's stressful week but I love that kind of life. It's make my brain keep thinking and thinking.But, sometimes it's make me  overthinking so that the bad side of this situations.During this stressful days, I always get reminded by God's word, be filled with JOY.


Each day

Hi there!
There's so many thing I anticipate this month.
It's August 2018 already!?? In 4 months, 2018 will leave us and waaa...times flies so fast.
Talk about thing I most anticipate this month...jeng jeng jeng.


[Review] Delicious Arab food in Putrajaya

Happy Sunday!
Just want to share/review about Arab food. I don't really love Arab food before because its never suit my taste bud but when one of my colleagues transfer back to Japan and we do his farewell dinner in Arab restaurant, oh my! Am I missing out? hahaha. The food is the BOOOMM! I love it! 
It's not just once I went here but now, already twice. And, still love it.
Click continue for the restaurant and recommended menu.