DIY geometric paper background for our engagement ceremony

24 August 2018

Today I have a fun geometric paper backdrop from one of website on
I used this backdrop for my engagement ceremony but this backdrop can be used for whatever events you can dreamed of.
It is made of 3 sizes of shapes. My theme color for engagement is the shade of pink. The main color is milineal pink, I don’t know if you ever heard of that color but I love this color(supriseily). Without further due, here is how to make this geometric backdrop,

What you’ll need :
Double tapes,
Mahjong papers ( for the white background)
Manila papers

We will make 3 different kind of shapes, large, medium and small.
 So let’s started with the large one.

  1. Large size
  2. Medium size
  3. Small size
How to make it? 
You can refer here

Take off the double tape from each shapes.

The inspiration behind this backdrop is mountains.
I love mountains so much.
For me, mountains is one perfect creation by God.
We can used mountains as how we illustrate this life.
Life is like a mountains. In order to live, we need to climb and get a beautiful view.

What do you think of this backdrop?
Let me know on comment below.



  1. awesome stuff! great DIY, thankyou for sharing
    IG @grace_njio


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