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05 August 2018

Hi there!
There's so many thing I anticipate this month.
It's August 2018 already!?? In 4 months, 2018 will leave us and waaa...times flies so fast.
Talk about thing I most anticipate this month...jeng jeng jeng.

It's my private event. I will not going to share it until it's really happen.
Each day feel crazy now but I know God will make a way.
Second is I will finish my laptop payment that going to finish next month, I just can't wait for that moment. Finally the laptop is really MINE!This is sweet mistake I ever make in my life. I'm not using critical thinking when I bought this laptop, that's why I called it badboy but it's okay, I learned. No more sweet mistake now.
And, here I share my Sunday outfit.As per usual, I feel awkward whenever my boyfriend took the photos. I feel so shy to pose so this silly pose will come out.

Basically, I just repeat all my outfit and wearing my boyfriend's denim jacket because it's cool.We went to watch Mission Impossible and it's really good! I love the view in the movie, super! Especially the mountains and skies...marvellous!!
If you didn't watch it yet, watch it now!


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