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Hi there~
I guess this one need to share here. My intention was to show how beautiful all the "hantaran" from my fiancé's family.They work hard to make it so it's waste not to share to my reader here.  I really appreciate it. For Kenyah culture, we don't have something like this so it's amazing to see these beautiful stuffs.I love everything and I appreciate it so much.
One interesting story about these hantaran.

As a working women ( I don't blame this but this just happened), I don't really have time to make all this stuff, so my boyfriend offered me he will make the "tempat letak cincin" and ask me what I want so I shared with him what I want. 
He makes it beyond my expectation. Thank you and I really appreciate it.
So, here all the beautiful hantaran.

For Kenyah culture or orang ulu culture, this one is must give to the ladies or future wife.

Ring holder
I was so touched by this.
It's beautiful and I am grateful for the effort.

"Berian" holder
For Kenyah culture, the "berian" is RM1000. So, my fiancé make this, so special. And, special appearance my little boy, Kang.

Unexpected hantaran
This one, I never ever expect this from my fiancé's family. Awww... so lovely. Thank you.

Everything is beautiful, right?
I love love everything and I want to keep it here for memories.

Share about your culture hantaran with me on comment below.


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