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How do I feel after my engagement?


Hi there~
Since I come back from my hometown with the new status, some of my friends has been asking me, how do I feel after get engaged?
I always jokingly said " rasa oren"....hahhaaa but let me share how do I feel after the engagement here.

It's hard to explained the feeling actually but I will try my best.

I am happy
Yes, obviously I am happy and this is one of the best happiness I ever experience in my life so far. I can't explained how happy I am but I am happy.
I am happy my dream come true.
I am happy I end up with someone that I love with my heart.

I am grateful
My heart full of grateful feeling.
I am grateful for having God that make a way for this event in my life.
I am grateful for having a big family that come support me.
I am grateful there's someone that loved me as I loved him.

Awkward and weird
Seeing the ring on my finger now is awkward and weird....hahahaa.
It's happened when I typing then I saw the ring, I smiled on my own with awkward feeling...owhh that's feeling is the best.

The ring come with the responsibility and it's no longer just to make sure I get married. It's life full of responsibility. I need to not just care about myself but there's someone that I need to take care of.

I miss my mum
I am not going anywhere but I don't know why I got this feeling. I miss my mum so bad. I will be not spending all my Christmas with my family anymore because I will have a new family.

So far, these how do I feel.
The feeling toward my boyfriend still the same and I just love it.
Getting engaged is full of responsibility and it's not just ceremony but the day I really admit that I am committed in this relationship, trust God for next journey, trust my boyfriend and the best yet to come.

If you want to share how do you feel after you get engaged last time, you can comment below.
And, if you have further about how being engaged, you can always comment on below too.


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