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Our engagement ceremony | 18.8.18

Hi everyone~
I am beyond blessed to shared this post with you guys.
Can't believe this will be happened on this year but I know, everything happened because of God's loves for us and our family. So, here I am present our engagement ceremony special post. Without further due, let's see the photos of our engagement ceremony.

Preparing for this wonderful event is not easy as I thought(everyone said this) but I think, to make it easy, make sure you both agreed, discussed and be patient, enjoy the flow and process. We both trying to enjoy the flow and process. It's stressful but that's the process, I love the process now. We had some arguments but we always remind us what's we wanna do and why we do it, so eventually we okay with the process. It's hard but we got each other so we made it!!
So, enjoy our engagement photos.

And, it's not complete if I didn't say thank you to everyone that make this happened.
Million thanks to my big family for support and prayers. I will never forget each of you and your help. God will bless you. Never forget my endless love from my mum, siblings, cousins, relatives and neighbours, I love you guys.
Thanks to my fiancĂ©'s family for come all the way from Sabah, just to make this event happen. Big thanks from my big family and hope we can get to know each others better in future.
Thanks for everyone that pray for us. We never know but God knows. So, thank you for your prayers and God bless everyone.
Thank you thank you everyone!
Not to forget, big thank you to Maclare for choosing this journey with me. I am stubborn and clumsy a lot of time but you still try to be patient with me.Thank you for come all the way from your hometown just to make it happen. I really appreciate it and I want to continue this wonderful journey with you no matter what. 
Finally, we made it, my dear. Thanks to God.God's timing is always perfect!
Love you always.


Photography by's friend, Albert.
Backdrop by @keriitletocreative team ( buahahhaa... my sisters and my cousins, Ekin & Buring)
Dress from Love.Bonito 
Make Up & Hair by Alynn ( my lovely cousin)
Necklace by We' Q Collection
Earring by Mummy Ollo Collection ( hehee, thank you Mummy)
Cake from Farley Bakery ( Love it!), special thanks to My sister for helping me.
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