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The proposal

Hi there~
Another personal story from me, I hope you guys don't mind.
I still can't believe that I am engaged to the man that loved me and I loved him deeply. I am forever grateful and not take this moment for granted. Oh ya, this post is in conjunction of our 1st month of engagement, another 11 months to go!
Since we’re engaged now so I guess I can talk about this. It’s all about the proposal.
How’s my fiance asked me to get married? Do I get proposed? How is it?


From Sabah to Sarawak looking for love

Hi there!
Lately, as you can see or read on my blog, I shared a lot of my personal life story. 
I guess this year is my year to share my personal story on my blog. I was hesitate to write up about my personal life story actually because it’s my personal story but I love blogging so can't help!
This time, I want to share about my fiancé and his family journey from Sabah to Sarawak looking for love or come for our engagement ceremony.
It's interesting story so keep reading...hehe, if you want.