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From Sabah to Sarawak looking for love

Hi there!
Lately, as you can see or read on my blog, I shared a lot of my personal life story. 
I guess this year is my year to share my personal story on my blog. I was hesitate to write up about my personal life story actually because it’s my personal story but I love blogging so can't help!
This time, I want to share about my fiancé and his family journey from Sabah to Sarawak looking for love or come for our engagement ceremony.
It's interesting story so keep reading...hehe, if you want.

My fiancé’ from Sabah and I’m from Sarawak. It’s very different and far area from each other. So, in order to make our dream come true, my fiancé’ need to travel from Sabah to Sarawak. Maybe some of you think what’s the big deal?
It’s such a big deal for us because it’s take time to come from Sabah to Sarawak. Can you imagine, he from Tenom, Sabah to Bintulu, Sarawak, it’s took 1 day journey and overnight at Bintulu, then continue another 5 hours journey to my kampung. It’s really tiring journey. We don't have highway like what we used to have here in Semenanjung. I also don't know how the road look like but based on my fiancé story, it's such a long journey and I heard from his aunt, his father said, sakit belakang, too far. I feel bad. But, that's it! 
I don’t know how can I say thank you or appreciate their effort to come see me.
I am forever grateful for his effort and love for me.
After we come back to KL, when I asked him, how’s the journey?
He said “ tired journey” is too far.But, the love makes him do it.His Pastor said that too. He willing to come travel this far because his love for me, awwww…such a kind words Pastor and because the love that we have.
I love it and I remember it forever.
So, the lesson here is;
  1. Go looking for love, don’t wait.
  2. If you really want it, go for it, move!
  3. Appreciate the love when there’s is love.
  4. Enjoy the moment
  5. Be patient

This is one of the sweetest memory that I want to remember forever. I don't want to forget about it. Never.
I don’t what ahead me, but I really want to remember I have a sweet memories in my life. There’s people loved me as much as I love them. I have my family, my new family and friends that always be there for me.
I am forever grateful for everyone’s love.
There’s a day I feel ungrateful, I feel negative about my life but that’s normal. That’s life! I appreciate those moments. That moment make me appreciate the sweet and good moment in my life.
No matter what’s life bring you, don’t give up!
Be you and be loved.
Finally, thank you my Dear for willing to come to my kampong and make it happen! I trust you and I know you will come even though some people said, call him asked him whether he come or not but I choose not to call because I trust you will come and yes, you came!
Thank you.
I love you, Maclare!


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