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The proposal

Hi there~
Another personal story from me, I hope you guys don't mind.
I still can't believe that I am engaged to the man that loved me and I loved him deeply. I am forever grateful and not take this moment for granted. Oh ya, this post is in conjunction of our 1st month of engagement, another 11 months to go!
Since we’re engaged now so I guess I can talk about this. It’s all about the proposal.
How’s my fiance asked me to get married? Do I get proposed? How is it?

Before I go further, I will let you guys know what I my dream when come to the proposal before. 
I always dreamed, my boyfriend will do the proposal and ask me get married, get down the knee and pop up the question just like in the movie, the typical every girl’s dream.
But, in real life... I get sweeter than this.
Actually, we don’t have one or I don’t get proposed like I was dreamed of. He is no Korea actor or Hollywood actor that go on one knee and pop up the question “ Do you want to be my wife?/ Do you want to marry me?”
No I don’t have that.
He just a normal kind of guy. The realistic guy. He did warned me about that actually since the beginning so I already don’t expect him do thing that he doesn’t like and it’s not him if he do that.

How do I feel?
I don’t feel sad or disappointed because I don’t have the proposal that I dreamed before because I got something that sweetest than the proposal.
What did I get? 
When we started our relationship, he already told me he gonna marry me ( I remember the words clearly until now) and that's make me says to myself, this is the man.
I love that confident! He told me the goal of this relationship is get married, it’s not just another journey to looking for love, no time to play around anymore. For me, that’s the most sweetest move than proposal. I don’t like to play around or trying anymore, I’m tired of the process to get know people and etc. I prefer invest my time, my money and everything on man that certain to marry me.
Now, we already in the next level. We make it! yeayyy… thanks God! Without God, we will never ever make it.
So, that all for my "proposal" story.
Keep us in your prayer so we can make it to another level. I know it's really challenge level but I really want to make it.
And, I pray that if you’re single now, I pray that you will meet someone in future and if you’re same level with us ( engaged), I hope you’re happy and get ready for all challenges and obstacles that we don’t know.
I hope everyone will doing fine in their life.

God is love.


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