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Finally mine


That's my baby!
His name is Badboy! Finally it's mine! After 1 year and 6 months. This badboy is payoff last month...Thanks God. This is one of my dream come true. I really love Macbook because it's Mac. I love everything that sound like Mac.I love Macbook, I love Maclare and I love eat french fries at McDonald...everything sound so Mac, I love it! Yes, I'm not kidding.

This Macbook Pro is one of the investment that I make in my life. After research and study what laptop that need for photography, I found this is the right one, almost perfect! And, it's also one of my sweetest mistake in my life also. I make a lot of sweet mistake and I feel this is one but its okay. In order to get it, I need to sacrifice whatever it's takes. Sound so selfish right? hahhaa...but never mind now because it's mine now.


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