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My engagement dress


Hi there! It's another overdue post on my blog. It's about special dress in my life. It's my engagement dress. I get many compliments about this dress, thank you.I can’t wait to share about my engagement dress.There’s sweet, funny and silly memories about this dress. 

I’m very particular about my outfit as I wannabe fashion blogger ( not really now…haha, almost retired because of my size).I am very surprised when its come to my engagement dress, I don't know what I want. Until the day we went to MyTown Mall to find some stuffs at Kaison, and we discover one shop, Love, Bonito. Then, I know what I want. What a last minute girl.Three days before our engagement day or one the night we fly back to Borneo, I list down what I want for my engagement dress. So, here are the list.
Tips: Make sure you list down what you want.
  1. Plain colour ( millennial/soft pink)
  2. Modest
  3. Sexy back ( hahahhaa)
  4. Long dress
But, the dress hunting is not an easy thing to do. I bought this dress after second attempt to buy it. At first I didn’t buy it because it’s expensive, too bad and I need to think many times before we buy it.People always said “ Just buy it, it will keep hunting you if you didn’t buy it”.
So, on the night before we go to airport, we go at MyTown Mall again and get it!!! 
Thanks to fiancĂ© for ready understanding me. I really love it!
So, my advices to find engagement dress,
  1. Know what you really want.
  2. Buy the dress that you really want it, don't buy just you like it.
  3. Don’t overbudget ( I think I’m overbudget)
  4. When allocate budget for dress, don’t forget to add alteration cost too.I forget...

I don’t know when can I wear this dress anymore but I really want to keep it in the box and show it to my future daughters…haha, think too much already.


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