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Officially 30s...

The day I am waiting for is here!
It's 30 November 2018. The day I officially 30 years old women.
And, I wrote this post when I'm on my late twenty yesterday....haha, so actually this is my last post as twenty something girl. It's been 10 years since my 20s...whoaa! God is good! I'm thankful I finally come to this day and I'm thankful I reach this far. So, since it's been 30 years I'm on earth, I want to share my life experiences from my early 20s to now.Since this is my first ever post as a 30 years old women, I will share about advises( expected from me now..haha). I am REALLY big sister now. So, I think I can share with you guys what have I learned and experience. Without further due, please read more. You won't disappointed.


Birthday countdown 2018

Happy Monday~
In 5 days, I will be officially 30 years old. I'm getting OLD already...
As per usual, I will do countdown every year. It's my annual habit. My colleagues and friends already feel annoyed with this habit, sorry guys! But, there's someone that never annoyed with this countdown, it's my fiancé! I confirmed with him already, he said not annoyed and also, he no choice too la...haha, no matter what, need to like it.
This year, the countdown is a bit different because...


My first caroling in my life

Hello there~
Yesterday we making another memories together. It's our first ever caroling. From what I know, he joined the caroling every year but for me, I always busy end of year so I'm not able to join.But, this year, I am so lucky! I finally able to joined and enjoying this activities.So, here is some of the photos. I will keep it here for the sake of memories.
It's almost Christmas....finally!


One of my big dream

Happy Thursday! and tomorrow is Friday!!! are you excited? I know you are.
For me, it's doesn't matter anymore for me, whatever day it is, I am thankful for the day I have in my life. Today, I want to share an update about my house or #keriitletohome, it's been such a long time since my last update. For previous update, you can find here. I don't know what to update as there not much progress because I currently focus on other things ( pay the bad debts and wedding preparation).
But, this evening when I come back from my work and as per usual...


#keriitletowedding preparation update

Hi there~
Arghhh...finally I have time to sit down and write about our wedding preparation. 
After we get engaged on 18/Aug, I don't know what to do(really! I don't know what's next! I'm a bit blur...haha). Now I know why some of my friends that engaged before, seems blur after their engagement. It's happen to me too. I don't know why that happened. I guess the nature want me to enjoying the engagement moment and yes, I am really enjoying it. I feel thankful and blessed to engaged to the man I've been pray for and I loved.Now, here we are, trying together to get closer to our journey life together. 
Since, I am working lady so I don't really have much time to plan for the wedding, but I can't use that as excuse so I need to really start plan no matter what.
So, what's the update so far?


Advance Merry Christmas & relationship advice from us

Happy Monday~
This is our second Pre Christmas this year. As I shared before, we celebrate Pre Christmas because we will don't have chance to celebrate together as we will celebrate at our own kampong. So, we want to wish you guys Advance Merry Christmas to those going to celebrate it on December. I  will going back to my kampung so there will be no internet connection so I can't wish you guys Merry Christmas so better do it now.And, as per usual, I share our fun photos during Pre Christmas for the sake of memories. I am very bad of keeping the photos now.
And, I want to share few relationship advices that we learned along the way of our relationship journey.


I'm back...the real comeback!

Hi there~
I'm back!
really back! 
officially back! 
never leave again! :)
I guess I need to re-introduce myself again...haha. I'm Aya, Sarawakian girl lived in Selangor. This is my blog, www.keriitleto.com. It's about my life experiences and life topics.
Before this I consistently blogging but I've been busy with my life, living like a "nomad" in 2017, move here and there, and in the beginning of 2018, I settled down at my first house hence no internet connection for many months.I do posting some posts this year but its on and off because of no internet. I only blogging when I feel like want to eat McDonald.I'm blogging at McDonald...haha), the hardest!
I really missed my blog.


Quite In Love With Beautiful Flowers From A Better Florist Malaysia

It’s safe to say that I am quite in love with beautiful flowers.
They have the power of making every occasions more beautiful, every day more inspiring, every mood simply more lifted. As soon as I saw the flower selection on A Better Florist’s website, I was in love! Have you had the opportunity to shop from A Better Florist? If not, you will want to after reading this article.


Review: Organic chia seed

Hi there~
As I grow older, I realised that I didn't take care of myself very well. I gained weight so much and it's seems uncontrollable now. I'm trying to lose weight now, it's super hard but one of my baby steps is drink a lot of plain water. Honestly, I don't like drink plain water, it's taste not good. But, now I seems no choice. I need to drink a lot of water in order to start to lose weight.


Celebrating first Pre Christmas 2018

It's November and the Christmas holiday is around the corner now. 
Just like other previous year, we are celebrating our first Pre Christmas on November because majority of us will go back to Borneo to celebrate Christmas and New Year holiday with our family. As for us, this is our first Pre Christmas celebration as a engaged couple! yeah! 
I share photos of us having fun after the celebration.


Never forget ( Our visit to Pusat Kebajikan Kanak-Kanak Terencat Akal Malaysia)

One date that I never forget in my life.Usually its all about me but this time, it's not me anymore.
For the first time, I went to Pusat Kebajikan Kanak-Kanak Terencat Akal Malaysia(Malaysia Association for the Welfare of Mentally Challenged Children). This activity was organized by our Youth Ministry in SIB Cheras.  I never do such thing before so its a bit awkward and it's feel another world.
I heard interesting experiences from all the participants but I'm glad I spent my time here and here its our photos on that day.