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Advance Merry Christmas & relationship advice from us


Happy Monday~
This is our second Pre Christmas this year. As I shared before, we celebrate Pre Christmas because we will don't have chance to celebrate together as we will celebrate at our own kampong. So, we want to wish you guys Advance Merry Christmas to those going to celebrate it on December. I  will going back to my kampung so there will be no internet connection so I can't wish you guys Merry Christmas so better do it now.And, as per usual, I share our fun photos during Pre Christmas for the sake of memories. I am very bad of keeping the photos now.
And, I want to share few relationship advices that we learned along the way of our relationship journey.

Since the beginning I always wanted to be in relationship or ended up with someone that has some believe with me. So, we doing thing together and bring our family to serve God. But, that's my life is not going as I planned. I met different believe guy, he is nice guy and I learned a lot from him but yeah, since it's something that I feel not right for myself and he maybe realise that too, so we go on our separate way. Fast forward now, I am thankful I have found my man, he is the answer of my prayers. I found Maclare! We have the same believe and I love the facts that we always doing thing together in our community or church. And, believe or not, I prefer Borneo guy too. I got Sabahan guy and yeah, I am thankful! Why do I prefer Borneo guy? I am not going to be bias here. I love Borneo guy especially my fiance because he really know how to take care of me and I feel secured when with him. Most importantly, he is same believe with me.
For the relationship advices, here you go :
1. Always be in relationship with certain relationship, you know where the relationship going.
2. Serve God together and believe in God always.
3. Be each other best-friend, no matter how silly or hard the story, just share.
4. Spend time together no matter how busy you are.
5. Less time with your phone and be present.

When I scrolled our photos on my phone, my mind keep saying this " Now I know why it's not worked out with anybody else before because I am waiting for our moment.".
Thank you Lord!

I love being with this man.
My bestfriend and my forever love.
On other note, please keep us in our prayers.


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