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Birthday countdown 2018

Happy Monday~
In 5 days, I will be officially 30 years old. I'm getting OLD already...
As per usual, I will do countdown every year. It's my annual habit. My colleagues and friends already feel annoyed with this habit, sorry guys! But, there's someone that never annoyed with this countdown, it's my fiancé! I confirmed with him already, he said not annoyed and also, he no choice too la...haha, no matter what, need to like it.
This year, the countdown is a bit different because...

I'm mature now...buahahaha....
I just can't wait for my birthday but I need to patiently wait for the day to come.So, while I wait for the day to come, I will share some articles to kills the time.
For the first articles, I will share Q&A, potential questions to be exact...haha. So, here you go!

Why do I like my birthday so much?
I feel thankful and grateful for exist in this world. This special day is the day I celebrated myself and feel good about it. Also, to celebrate my mum for safely delivered me 30 years ago.

What do I usually do on my birthday?
Before I found the love of my life, I usually go celebrate with my closed friends and now, I will go with my fiancé.Before this, we will take annual leave for each other birthday but since last year, we changed...haha. We celebrated it on weekend or night if working days. We will go eat cake or whatever I want eat on that day. I love white macadamia cake and cholocate indulgence from Secret recipe...arghhh yummy! As for food, I like Korean food or KFC or McDonald fried chickens...arghh! so yummy!

What is one of the best memories of my birthday?
1. I forgot the year but there one time, my mum forget my birthday.Our family usually don't celebrate birthday because my parent can't really afford to buy cake. But, I love my birthday so much so I always demanding for birthday cake. So, on that year, my mum forget my birthday and I feel so sad it. So, my mum make me birthday cake from "nasi pulut" and put the white candle on top of it.I will never forget this memories.
2. Another one is my fiancé and our friends surprise me on my 2016 birthday. I never forget this. Thank you so much.
3. My friends, colleagues and family wished me Happy Birthday every year without fail.

What is the sad birthday ever I had?
I don't really like to talk about sad memories but you guys must be curious, what is sad birthday I ever had, right? Okay, I will talked about it. In 2013, it's my broke up year and it's my first time celebrated my birthday without my boyfriend( ex boyfriend now). I thought or I'm waiting for him to  wish me Happy Birthday but he never wished me.On the next day (1/Dec), one of our friend showed me his photos with other girl( I guess his girlfriend). It's the saddest day in my life. Fast forward now, I never have hard feeling anymore about this. It's a lesson for me.Now, I am happy with my fiancé, God is good.

What is the best birthday gift I ever had for my birthday?
1. It's my first car...
I bought my first car before my birthday, I think 2 days before my birthday in 2011 and my dad support me for the downpayment. I newly enter the work world that time...haha.
2. My fiancé, he is the present from God every year... I love you, my dear <3.
3. My friends that remember my birthday.

What I'm looking forward for my birthday this year?
1. I pray I will make it.
2. I will celebrate with my fiancé, eating my favorite cake.
3. Stop make my colleagues feel annoy with my countdown and reminder.

That's all!
Maybe some of us don't really celebrate their birthday because of some reasons. I totally respect that. To my colleagues and friends that always need to listen to my countdown or need to scroll up/down faster due to my birthday countdown on my social media, I am sorry. I don't mean to annoyed you guys, I just want to share, we need to appreciate our birthday as we only live once in this world and we never know if this birthday will be the last. I don't mean you guys need to accept or do countdown, do whatever make you happy...if my countdown ever make your feel annoyed, I am sorry from the bottom of my heart.


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