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It's finally freedom

Hi there~
This is my late post... I have been talking about this since the beginning of November 2018.
If you follow me on my social media (IG & FB) then you already know I mentioned about freedom. But, here I will share more details about this.
Without further due, let's read more.

It’s about my bad experience in life. 
I never share about this because I feel ashamed and it’s not the right time to share about it. 
It’s about my credit card debt.
My biggest, most embarrassing story and worst mistake I ever make in my life!!
I still remember the first time I got my credit card. It’s end of 2013 at The Garden MidValley and the purpose is for my international business trip. I apply for it without really research or try to understand how it work because my business is urgent so just apply and I got it after 3 hours.For the first and second year, I use it wisely, pay for what I use, never pay late and just for business trip purpose.
But, I’m just a girl and I got tempted by this “plastic money”.I start to using it for shopping. Remember the The Shopaholic movie? The theme song of that movie playing in my head every time I swiped my credit card.I bought whatever I wanted. I can afford to pay for it every month but I always choose to not to pay and just pay minimum because my shopping behaviour.I need more money to spent for my shopping list.
Then, it’s getting crazier when I started to pay full for my house in end of January 2018. I’m no longer can cover all the balance from previous month. Let be honest here, my bank account get blocked many times due to my payment pattern is not good, always late. Then, I know it’s really crazy now and I feel stuck! I’m shaking because I know I’m totally messed up now and to recover this mess up is really takes time. Sometimes, I feel like this will be not end. But, I really want it to end. So, I take small step first. Earlier this year, I cancelled my credit card but its still have outstanding balance and I need to pay for the outstanding every month and can you imagine my money just fly like that. I work so hard for the money and it’s just like that, nothing! I feel so frustrated. There’s time when I drove my car, I sometimes wish that I get hit by other car and just die because I sometime can’t think straight because of this financial issue. At the same time, I keep pray to God to get me out from this issue.I really need freedom!
On 30/October/2018, I finally free from it! I pay it off. Thanks to God!
I wont share the amount here as when I think of the amount its make feel even crazy! I pay for my bad decision and its the stupidest thing I ever done in my life.
So, here is lessons I want to share about having credit card.
  1. Before you apply for it, google it first. Get to know what is credit card, how its work. Its not fast money, you will owed money from bank. Understand the concept.
  2. Apply for it when you really need it.
  3. Pay it before the due and pay what you use.
  4. Remember, always use it wisely, its not your money after all.
I know maybe for some of you, know how to use credit card. But, from my experience, I don’t know how to use it wisely. So, that why I have bad experience.
If you currently still in credit card debt and feel overwhelmed with this debt, don’t give up yet. It’s still a way to get out from this. From my personal experience, here is tips on how to pay off your credit card,
  1. Know how much you owed/ your debts
  2. Start payment planning based on no.1
  3. Start pay and stop use it.
  4. Don’t pay minimum.
  5. Settle it when you can, don’t wait any longer.
This is real life experience. I being raw here, no filter accept for the amount, I hate the amount so just me and my fiancĂ© know how much it is. Being in financial issue is the hardest situation I ever experience. I feel like nowhere to go, I angry at myself every time I don’t have enough money, but I want you to know there still solution for this. Don’t give up!
Meanwhile, pay for it no matter what! That’s the only way to get out from it. It’s hardest but be free is better than being chained with this mess. 
Now, I’m really try my best to finally have financial freedom, the total freedom! I don’t want to mess up anymore because I know I can’t work for the whole of my life. There’s time I will stop working and what if I still got debt? I will working at my ageing age. Worse case, paying for my mistake, no no, I don’t want that! 
Finally, that’s my freedom! I feel good! Now, start to planning to pay off another bad debts, my study loan(PTPTN)! I pray to God I will pass this very soon!


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