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#keriitletowedding preparation update

Hi there~
Arghhh...finally I have time to sit down and write about our wedding preparation. 
After we get engaged on 18/Aug, I don't know what to do(really! I don't know what's next! I'm a bit blur...haha). Now I know why some of my friends that engaged before, seems blur after their engagement. It's happen to me too. I don't know why that happened. I guess the nature want me to enjoying the engagement moment and yes, I am really enjoying it. I feel thankful and blessed to engaged to the man I've been pray for and I loved.Now, here we are, trying together to get closer to our journey life together. 
Since, I am working lady so I don't really have much time to plan for the wedding, but I can't use that as excuse so I need to really start plan no matter what.
So, what's the update so far?

For this first post about our wedding preparation, I will just share what( in words) what I have done and what's happening now. Next post, I will share the wedding and engagement planning template so you can download it yourself and use it for your planning.

1. Enjoy the engagement moment - checked ( still enjoying now...haha)
Obviously, I am enjoying every single minute of it. It's feel awesome and different feeling when you no longer called your boyfriend as boyfriend but my fiancé hehe, feel awesome and goosebumps...haha, drama!! haha.

2. Start to plan ( get the blank paper and start writing what I want for wedding)
The time will be get less so for our wedding, I don't want to be last minute or if can, minimise the last minute things. We try our best to not being last minute as we have kind of last minute engagement. We planned but we don't really put it into action until one month before, haha... it's crazy!

2. Research and read wedding planner books and articles
This one is most important! Since there many months to go and I'm quite busy with my on-going life project for and plus my work, so what can I do now is research the ideas for wedding, where can I get the affordable vendors and etc.

3. Discuss
This wedding is not about one person but two person plus family. So, it's important to discuss your plan with the family and see what they think and their opinions. Don't forget to ask your fiance, what his dream wedding ( he will say don't know but its okay, just ask and at the same time, try to learn and observe what he's like and put it on your plan).

4. Gather all ideas
I love Pinterest so much!
I am thankful this apps has exist before I get married...haha. Most of my wedding ideas come from here. Some of it from others bloggers, I modified the ideas...haha. So, here I gather all my ideas and select what I really want to do.

5. Start budgeting
Wedding is all about money.
No money, you really can't do whatever you want. It's not that I make priority of money but this is the reality. So, this is one of the important part of wedding. Budgeting and saving for the big day.

So, that's all!
A lot of things still WIP ( work in progress) and at the same time, I'm not going to reveal the plan because I wanted it to be surprise or maybe there will be change time to time, it's not finalised yet. I need the approval from my big boss ( my fiancé). But, I already have the structure plan for it.
Finally, please bring us in your prayers so we can make it and God will open many doors for us.
Thank you in advance.

If you're former bride, you can share your advices on wedding preparation on comment below, I definitely read and take that advices.


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