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Never forget ( Our visit to Pusat Kebajikan Kanak-Kanak Terencat Akal Malaysia)

One date that I never forget in my life.Usually its all about me but this time, it's not me anymore.
For the first time, I went to Pusat Kebajikan Kanak-Kanak Terencat Akal Malaysia(Malaysia Association for the Welfare of Mentally Challenged Children). This activity was organized by our Youth Ministry in SIB Cheras.  I never do such thing before so its a bit awkward and it's feel another world.
I heard interesting experiences from all the participants but I'm glad I spent my time here and here its our photos on that day.

We started our journey with prayer but the first challenge come when one of our cars cannot be started, its battery flat I guess.

When we arrived there, we don't manage to take photos as we feel its so awkward to do so. Also, everyone is first timer so not really sure what to do. We just bring all the things we want to give to them and then we got briefing from the volunteer there and bring us to see where they lived and what they doing. Honestly, its the most awkward situation ever in my life. I guess the volunteer know what we feel so he said " You can touch everyone here, don't be afraid!" haha...awkward!
So, here are our activities with them. We playing mumia( wrapping the model with newspapers) but one funny story about this first activity is there one participant from this home want to go to toilet even after they already wrapped him...hahaha. 

After the mumia game, they eat their lunch. I feel so thankful to see them eating their lunch. I finally know the feeling appreciation of good food. 
And, this man is entertained them with good music...ehehe.

Then next we play the music!

The Michael's team is the winner! The blue shirt.

It's so fun to be with them. I'm glad I spending some of my precious time doing this most important thing for community. This is our Youth Ministry event but for me, everyone can do good thing to people.

As for our ministry, this is big step for us to break the four walls of our church.
It's time to change focus and focus on most important thing that God command us to do.
While I'm visiting them, I was wonder if they ever heard of God's words? I don't mean to convert them but I want to share the hope that I have in God.
This is just a beginning and never stop after this.

Thank you Sandra and team for organise this event. Let's do it again. 


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