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Review: Organic chia seed


Hi there~
As I grow older, I realised that I didn't take care of myself very well. I gained weight so much and it's seems uncontrollable now. I'm trying to lose weight now, it's super hard but one of my baby steps is drink a lot of plain water. Honestly, I don't like drink plain water, it's taste not good. But, now I seems no choice. I need to drink a lot of water in order to start to lose weight.

How do I know about chia seeds?
I saw my colleagues always drink her water with chia seeds.
Since, I don't like plain water so much. She always drink water with chia seeds inside it so I wonder how the water will be taste like. So, she did bring 200g to office for us to try, thank you Syira.

What's the benefit of chia seeds?
1. It's full of nutrients with few calories
2. Loaded with antioxidants
3. High quality in proteins
You can check more of benefits here 

For now, I love to drink my plain water with chia seed. It's taste like normal but I love it.

Finally, if you want to buy chia seeds, you can buy at


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