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Christmas holiday 2018 photo diary ( part 3)

This is the best photo I ever captured during Christmas 2018.
The highlight of most of the photos.
It's Kang and my mum early morning photo in our veranda.

The moment they realised they wearing the same kind of shirt, just different country name. I really love this photos as I can see love that I can measure from this photo.
Kang, I hope one day you will treasure this memory in your life.

Then, this little man also super jealous whenever I wanted to be manja with my mum. He said my mum is his...ermmm... I'm no longer my mum favorite...huahua.

Then, he never let go of my mum.
Kang, I wanted you to love mum and your mums like this forever. Never ever change. Let's love fill all of your life and be a great man.

This time, I don't manage to take all my family photos as I don't want the kind of 'paksa' photo. I wanted something that natural like this.
I will forever treasure this kind of memories.
I love you, Kang and Mum.


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