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Christmas holiday photo diary ( part 2)

Since I was sick on 23 & 24 December so the part 2 will be start at 25 December 2018. It's the time for open house. As per usual, during early morning, we prepared the food that we want to serve for open house. This year, we do simple menu like selukung ( traditional kenyah food), ayam panggang, tung ubi goreng ( traditional kenyah food), ayam kicap , steamed fish and lia akau, that's it! No fancy but we thankful for the blessing from God this year.

Firstly, my mum prepared the selukung the evening before. So, here is how we prepared selukung.

Also, we prepared 'mak', it's a nasi.

I still don't know how to meok(bungkus) mak using daun...haha

This one is really special memory for me. This one we called "kerutung"/ kerak nasi. I used to eat this during my primary school at dewan makan sekolah, because I'm hungry before the eating time. Seeing this now, I feel I came very far in my life. I'm thankful for the memories.

And, my sisters prepared the others. I cuci pinggan and tolong sana sini...hehe, I never cooked major dishes for Christmas in my life.

I forgot to take other food photos as I busy eating already...haha.
During the food preparations, I also having fun with my family especially my second youngest nephew, Kang. He never failed to make me laughed...haha, he really our bundle of joy.

My siblings and one of my nephew is so malu-malu in front of camera. But, I managed to snap their photos and Kang help too.

This is the best, Dabai from my Aunt.

Spending time with my family is the best time for me. 
Don't forget to spend time with your family when you are home.


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