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Different kind of life

06 December 2018

Hello there~
Fuhh..finally I have time to write on my blog...arghhh... this week has been so busy.My work is keep busy (I'm thankful, I prefer being busy than bored) and my after work is always have plans, I am not complaining. I love it but sometimes, I need to spend time on my own, put in action on my dreams or personal life objectives. I usually spend time on my pursue my dreams after work or before I go to sleep every night.
Again, I'm not complaining but I found my life is different kind of life now...

I used to be on my own, doing my stuffs like planning my dreams, tracking it and search for improvement I should do to go next. But, these past few years, I went out, get socialise with other people outside my circle. It's good but I find my life is getting hectic. I missed doing my own things...haha. I guess that ME time is finally over? I don't know.
Just a glimpse on how my life this week,
I went to work as per usual and after work, I went for grocery shopping because we will hosting cell group in our house on Wednesday night and after grocery shopping, I went to Cheras for my church's friend farewell, she going back to Sabah for good. It's sudden and sad but we respect her decision.This is life, some people go and some people will come.
On Tuesday night , I went for my department monthly dinner...this is our monthly event now, it's so good to see each other outside and having meal together.
On Wednesday night, we hosted cell group in our house. We invited 8 friends come to our house and having dinner together. While at work, I've been thinking what should I cook tonight? I don't have any ideas and I don't know what to prepare. I am not used to all that. I never know how to treat guests when come to house, I always choose to do others thing. Thanks to my colleagues, they help me by giving suggestions what should I do and my fiancé also helping on decided on the menu and his friend ( our friend, Rici) help to go buy the groceries since I didn't buy the right groceries on Monday...haha. Fuh! It's so different kind of life now. I should think how to cook now, to prepare the ingredients earlier and cook it on my own. Thanks to my friend, Albert for helping me a lot during the cooking session...haha.
My biggest weakness is cooking. I never really into it because I always relied on my sisters whenever I'm back at home. When I am alone, usually I will just cook simple meal like cook white rice, fried chicken or ayam masak kicap, even just maggie la...just a simple meals. I never been so confident to cook for others...haha.
But... like it or not, this is will be my life from now on. I mean, I will be having my own family soon. I can't always relied on others to cook for me or buying food outside or eating outside, need to save money. I need to be wise when come on spending money.As time goes by, there will be change in this life. So, this is happen to me now. I slowly try adapt myself to cook, do the housework that I rarely do before. It's hard but I need to adapt myself and do better on this.
I know maybe some of you think, it's usual ladies life. Yes, I know. But, I don't really into this... too bad! But, at the end, this is my basic requirements as a lady...haha. I'm not complained or anything, I just feel different. I need to do everything on my own now and be confident!
So, ladies out there, don't ignore the cooking lessons from your mum or sisters or aunties, okay? Learn and do it because this is basic requirement as lady...haha.
Let me know if you feel the same as me, I mean you find cooking is hard....hahhahaa but I find eating is not hard at all, weird! hehee


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