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How I save money when buying flight tickets

Hi there~
It's the season of hunting or buying flight tickets is here! We are going back for Christmas or year end holiday. Yeahhh...who excited? I always excited whenever come but my wallet never excited!
For us, Borneo people, going back for Christmas is must. After almost 1 years, finally we able to go back and see our beloved family. But, sometimes after see the flight tickets price, we feel burden and for some people, they decide not to going back because the flight tickets price is expensive. I cannot control the airline price since I am not related to them (obviously) so what I can share is how I save money when buying flight tickets.
Want to know how?
Read until the end and there will be bonus at the end of this article so be patient.

Usually I will buy AirAsia flight tickets because it's affordable and sometime within my budget. Beside that, there direct flight from Kuala Lumpur to Bintulu. After many years, I always paid for processing fee that depends on your medium of payment. The processing fee is not much, its around RM4- RM8 but still, it's your money or can you imagine you need to buy flight ticket for various location, you need to pay for each of the processing fees, it's wasted your money!
So, this year, I saw one of my Facebook friend posted about BigPay and my best friend told me about it. At first, I hesitate to try but never try, never know, right so I decided to try. I signed up just for the sake of to know whether it's will worth my money or not. I share how to sign up on this end of article, please read until finish.
When I bought our Christmas flight tickets for this upcoming Christmas, I use BigPay for payment and yes, it's work and I save my money. I no need to pay for my processing fee anymore!
I pay what I see.
So, here how it's work.
1. Go to AirAsia mobile apps ( Download it if you not download it yet)

2. Open AA mobile apps and you will see as below. Login your AA account.
3. Search for your flight and date

4. Select time of your flight

5. Fill in your contact

6. Add-ons if you want

7. So, now come to payment. There will be 3 type of payment, 
i. Bigclick & credit/debit card
Processing fee = RM8.48

ii. Internet bankin
Processing fee = RM4.24

iii. BigPay
Processing fee = FREE

So, you can save up to RM8.48 when you use BigPay for your payment. What a BIG SAVE!!
Beside able to save money, you also can get below when you use BigPay.
- Discounts on pre-booked check-in luggage and in-flight meals. Discounts will only apply during your flight booking - it will not apply after your flight booking has been made.
- Exclusive early access to AirAsia sales and much more! Make sure to purchase via the AirAsia website or mobile app to get the discounts.

Now, you must want to know, how I apply/get the BigPay?
Here you go!
Before that, you need to know what is BigPay and how it's work. So, you can read below link.

Why BigPay?

How to get this?
1. How do I get the BigPay app?
You can download BigPay for free directly from the App Store or Google Play Store to get started.

2. How do I sign up for BigPay?
All it takes are 3 easy steps to sign up for BigPay:
i. Fill in your basic personal details
ii. Verify your identity with your IC/passport and a selfie
iii. Add RM20 into your account

3. How much does it cost to sign up for BigPay?
Signing up and getting your card is completely free! You will need to add a minimum of RM20 that will be stored on your card for your usage. We don't charge any inactivity fee either, so signing up & keeping your BigPay account does not cost you anything.

4. Who can use BigPay?
All Malaysian residents are welcomed to BigPay as long as you are 18 years old or older.

5. Will it cost me to withdraw cash on the BigPay card?
Withdrawals done in Malaysia will be subjected to a fee of RM6 per transaction & overseas withdrawals will be charged at RM10 per transaction.
Please note, certain ATMs may impose additional fees on top of the above mentioned BigPay fees.

Just for your summary, here is how its work.

I hope this article will help you to save money when buying flight tickets next time.
Let me know if you have any question or comment.

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