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How's my life in 2018?


I just put my niece to sleep...fuhh!
I became babysitter tonight because my sister and her husband go for dinner ( her husband's work dinner). So, I help them to babysitting their kids for one night. This is challenging for me as I never put any toddler to sleep before this and I know, it's never easy. I need the art of negotiations. Just now, I let her watch her cartoon on my laptop and playing with my "badboy". You know what, 'giving up' my laptop is never easy especially to my niece... I love my laptop so much! But, for this princess, everything can lah!
Okay, let's go to the topic now. Today, I will share about my life in 2018 as it's almost come to end for 2018! So, it's time to reflect and see what has happened this year so far.
Without further due, let's continue to read.

I think 2018 is really something for me.
There's some of dream come true and some of dream I need to let go. Some people go and come in my life. There's sad and happy moment. I really don't know what to say about this year. My world is rockin' so hard this year in so many aspect. There's a lot of changes, some of it make me happy and some of it make me feel uncomfortable. So, here is my life in very organized way this year. I will start with the most challenge this year.

My first house ever
I get my first house key this year and it's feel amazing but honestly this thing really change my life. I never have experience on having a house but it's something else different. It change the way I manage my finance and my life. I never know this will be effect me so much but it is. It's really make me tasted what 'adult' process really is. But, this precious experience never make me wanna give up. It's make me wanna go further and be the best version of myself everyday. It's hard now but I believe, everything will be okay someday.

My relationship move to next level
It's almost 'game over' now. I never play game when come in the relationship but this is something that really important in my life.
Honestly, I feel super duper thankful for this happen. I am so happy to be(almost) ended up with love of my life, Maclare. I've been praying for a man that God has prepared for me and I already received it and my prayers everyday, we will always love each others in every situations and conditions. Let's work hard for the next level.I know, when we move to next level, the difficulty level is going to harder than now. But, as long as I am with Maclare, I will go for it and let's do this! Let's pray for us next year! I will share the date here soon... please wait!

I have been struggle so much on this lately. I feel like I wanna give up but I have so much commitments so it's will be not easy if I'm give up now.  I need to go on and most important is I need to do improvement everyday.One day everything will be fall in the right place. For now, I will always do my best and do my work better than yesterday.

I missed my mum and dad everyday nowadays.
I want them to stay with me here in my house and really enjoying their life. This is one of my life goal. But, I'm adjusting now so it's hard for me to make that come true. When my family ( my sister's family and my fiancé come to my house, I love it! ). I love the feeling when the house is full and a lot of people.

I still having the same circle like last year. I met some new friends but the old friends still staying and be with me. I'm thankful for all my friends that I have. Never take it for granted!

Body shape
This one I can't hide this, it's so obvious...haha
Yes, I'm getting bigger and bigger each day now. But, I will back in shape after my sister's family going back...hahaa. I am serious!! I can't be bigger anymore, I want to get married and wear the nice gown!

My faith
I've been struggle on this too. It's been so hard to tell myself to keep in faith whenever the situations is not right and not goes like I want. I still believe in God and I will believe in God no matter what. I hope you always keep in faith whenever life is getting harder.

Life is definitely not easy.
Every years the challenge is different. I like to imagine this life is like a game. The more level you are, the more challenges and more thing you unlocked. To get to different level in life, you need to ready to face the challenge.
So, how about you? how's your life in 2018?
Share with me on below comment, don't feel shy. :)

Love Love,

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