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My 30s birthday celebrations

Hello there~
My birthday celebration is already over but I still feel thankful for another year in my life. Yes, I am getting older and hopefully I'm wiser than before....haha. I will try my best everyday. I'm officially 30s now, fuhhh! it's feel different! I know, people said it's old but I don't want to think that way. I want to think it's in different way. I'm at my level 30 now, think it's like a game. Life is a game after all, right?
When I'm in my 20s, I planned to have a big celebration for my 30s birthday. Yes, I have a big celebration from my friends and my fiancé. My dream has come true! So, here I shared my 30s birthday celebration for the sake of memories.

In the morning
12.00am - My love one the first one wished me HAPPY BIRTHDAY as we countdown every minute of it. I love it! Nothing beat this, really! Countdown every single minute of it with my love is the best! He is no.1 this year and hopefully he will be always no.1 to wish me Happy Birthday from years now.
Some of friends already wish me happy birthday super early since we lived quite far, I appreciate it.
I wake up feeling THANKFUL and never thought I will reach this stage.
I went to work and do my work as per usual and one of my colleague/friend gave me the best birthday gift, rambutan from her parent and 2019 planner! I love it!! Fath if you reading this, I really appreciate that.Thank you for your gifts.

Lunch hours
Since my birthday is during working day, so during lunch break, I executed my mission to cut my hair and buy cake, I love buy cake for my own birthday. I choose to cut my hair during my birthday because it's a gift from myself. A brand new women!
And, during this time also, I was wonder why Maznee never wish me Happy Birthday since morning. I feel sad...maybe she annoyed kot because I always remind her everyday...haha. But, actually they did surprise celebration for me!! I feel so touched for you guys efforts and what you spent for me. I love everything! I'm thankful for having such a wonderful colleagues that make me having a family here. Thank you so muchhhh... I'm going to remember each of you.

In the evening
I went to fetch my fiancé but it's super jammed. I'm sorry my dear for being late and not informing you what's happened.
We went for my birthday dinner. I'm thankful he really knows me well, we went eat Korean food, it's annual event now...haha. Thank you my dear for always there with me. You're my birthday gift from God and I will take care of you. I love you, Maclare!

So, that's all my birthday... so, this is how it feel being 30s. I feel just like a brand new women and feel I need to do my responsibility as fiancee, daughter, sister, co-worker, friends better than yesterday.
Thank you everyone for wish me happy birthday. 
Every single wishes is meaningful for me. I love it. So, here is my birthday photos.

Sadly, me and my fiancé don't even take our photo together during this day, so sad! For me, it's important to take photos but sometime the situations is not suitable so we ended up not taking photos..ermmm. Here is some photos of my birthday dinner with my love one. He said he want to take photos or video after he cut his hair...ermmm.

Finally, thank you for everything.

Goodbye my 20s....


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