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Our first met and the beginning

I don't know how to start this... I can't stop smiling when recalling all the sweet memories.
I choose to share this here so I can show it to our future kids or they can read about it when they can read and I want to read it when there will be the hardest time in our journey. I'm sure there will be a bumpy road on our journey so I want this as a reminder for me to keep going strong as we have a wonderful story and how hard for us to be together in this journey together.
Without further due, here is our love story.

Our first met

We first met at one church in Cheras, Kuala Lumpur. It's SIB Cheras in 2013. I went to church every Sunday for Sunday service and usually after Sunday service, there will be fellowship among us but usually, I will not joining and I just go back early. I have a busy life.
And, I saw my husband now every Sunday as he played music instrument for the worship time but I never get to know him. I leave early after all. 
In 2015, I started to get involved in Youth Ministry as my friend asked me to joined her. And, that time my husband now was appointed to be Youth leader in our church and he need some people to joined him to form a team for Youth Ministry. And, at the same time my friend asked me to joined her because she going back to Sarawak after get married end of 2015 so I joined because I bored and she is my friend. 
Little that I know, I get to know this wonderful man without even realised.
One day, there text from unknown number on my phone and I read it. Since I don't know the number and the message seems asked about church things, so I asked my friend whether she know whose number and my friends excitedly tell me that's my husband phone's number. Since I know him, I just replied what he asked me. 
To be honest, I don't really feel anything that time. I assumed he got a girlfriend, I don't want to bother other's boyfriend. At that same time, I am still in the process of recovering from my heartbroken, I broke up with my first boyfriend in 2013 after 5 years. It's been 2 years plus since my heartbroken so I don't really interested in relationship if its not the right person, I am tired to get to know people, in love and then break up. I want to be very careful when coming to the relationship this time. I don't want just another relationship and another ex-boyfriend. I don't want to have a collection of ex-boyfriends. 
But, we just texted each other due to church things and stuffs. For me, just texted a friend. Sometimes we did ask personal stuff to each other because of course, we are curious about each other. One funny thing my husband asked me during this time was " When did you take your SPM?", so I told him " Simply I replied 2015". And, his replied make me laughed even until now, he answered " so, you're born in 1988, right? "...buahahhaa. He actually wanted to ask my age but in an indirect way. We keep texting each other and at the same time, I also frequently travelled overseas due to work.

The beginning
Day after day, I find my husband is interesting. I don't know but I keep it myself and pray to God to guide me on whatever it is. We say good morning and good night to each others every day and I feel good. So, as the day goes by, I always looking forward for his message and calls. When I went out of country, I find I miss him like never before. I miss him more than I miss a friend and actually, I secretly checked my criteria on him...hahaha and he fulfilled the main criteria which are same religion and believe with me but I'm not sure how to next. I don't want to rush because I'm scared and I'm not sure whether he also feel the same. I feel terrible whenever he sent me to airport. I missed him a lot! 
Then, I went for business trip to Sydney, Australia... this time I feel totally different! I am certain about my feeling toward him now. I cried on plane because I missed him. I missed him a lot! I missed him until I feel not well but since this is travel for work so need to go on. My days went as usual in Sydney but it's 3 hours different. It become a bit hard for me. 
So, one fine night, I went to bed early because I feel got high fever, imagine I get sick at oversea but luckily I did bring my medicine so I think sleep will make me feel okay. So I went to bed quite early on that day and I missed him so bad.
On 2:00 am(Sydney time), I feel my phone is vibrating so I wake up and I saw there text from him. I opened it and I can't believe what I see. He texted me the THREE words!!! I jumping on my bed like crazy! Yes, I sleep and jumping like crazy. Thanks no one sees me. 
I told him, I been waiting for it but I need to hear the three words live! But, I'm at Sydney now and I need to stay in Australia for 2 weeks and I just finish my first week. Since my fever is getting worst, I asked my boss whether I can come back and asked someone to replace me and she sent another member. Thank you to my boss K.Huda, Ijan and Naj for allowed me to come back. You guys make my story complete and I'm sorry for make a sudden change that time. This is the crazy thing I ever do in my life so far. I can't wait to see him and hear that three words LIVE!
When I come back to Malaysia and I feel it's take longer than usual.  I feel the plane move to slow and I can't sleep on the plane. I just can't wait to come back and arrive. 
When I arrived at the airport, he already there! waiting for me! I still remember how nervous he was... and I feel super duper excited seeing him. I feel like my dream has come true! So, he sent me back to my rented house, I take bath and we going out after that. On my car or at church parking lot, he said the three words live to me!
He said : I love you!
I replied : I love you more!
We still say this words exactly the same now and love it.
I still fall for him every day and I want to keep fall in love with him every day in my whole life.
I'm thankful my prayers has been answered.
I'm grateful for call you my love, Maclare.
You make my life worth to live and I'm ready to go on this life journey with you. I don't know what will happen in future but my prayers every day to God that we will always fall in love with each other, respect each others and support each other in whatever we want to do in our life.
Let's do this together.
This love story is not end yet.
It's still on going and I want it to be forever.

I love you,Maclare with all of my heart every day.

God is love.


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