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17 December 2018
The day I never forget. It's different new experience for me.
One of my sister said, it's practice time...haha. Yes, whoaaa.. it's something new for me! I don't really know how I feel now...haha. So, without further due, let's continue read.

I babysitting Demma for the first time without her mummy (my sister). My sister and her husband went for dinner ( my brother in law's work dinner). At first, she was okay and she seems not realised that my sister and my bro in law not in the house. I pancing her with movies, her favorite movie.

So far so good
 I can't write anything on my blog as she love to play with the keypad. So, I just let her so she won't feel bored.

 This is her super concentrate face while watching her movie.

Then, she fall asleep. I feel like it's the best moment...haha but I can't move the laptop haha.

After 2 hours, she finally wake up. I really prayed that she won't looking for her parent. Yes, thanks God she won't as I just let her watch her favorite movies. Now, I know the feeling whether should I give my kids gadget or not? how to limit the screen time... it's super hard actually. I don't know what will happen to me when I will have a kids.

After taking bath and another round of movies, she seems realised my sister is not around. She started to cry but still manageable as I entertained her with everything I can think of. Like singing happy birthday song many times with the birthday hat. But, after several time do it, she seems boring and looking for her mummy again...whoaa. This time getting worse! She won't stop crying so I need to bring her out at 1am and go around using car. Just to make sure she stop crying. But, as soon we come back, she start crying again....

It's getting worse. She crying so hard and I just can hold her and calm her down... This stage is hardest.

Demma, Aunty going to remember this memory.
I hope one day you will found out this post and laugh out loud.


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