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What its like to live in Semenanjung/West Malaysia?


Today, I want to share how's my life in West Malaysia so far.
I think it's a good to share this experience so you can have a glimpse on how's my life here so far. I've been lived here for almost 11 years now. This is including my 4 years studying and 7 years as a working adult. Since I choose to moved here, I have different kind of life experience. To be honest, there's time I feel regret of this choice because I always think of my family. But, I loved being here so can't help if you love something.
On this article I will share how's my live here so far. I think mostly the obstacles I have faced so far.
Without further due, let's check it out.

For 11 years in West Malaysia, people always asked me the same question.
"Where are you come from? "
"Are you Malaysian?"
"You look like Phillipines/Myanmar/Vietnam people"
I'm get used to all that question and statement. I think I still can't blend in West Malaysia yet. I still look like different people in this part of Malaysia. Here is some obstacles I ever faced in Malaysia.

1. Language barriers or slang barrier
My colleagues always laughed/teased me whenever my Sarawak slang come out...haha.They found it funny and as per usual, I take it in positive ways but honestly I feel sad sometimes when they laughed at me because the way I talked. But, I lived in different state so it's expected to be like this. So, I remind you guys, my fellow Borneo people, be patient when people laugh at you because of your slang. No worries, be yourself!

2. Food differences
When my first time come to here, I don't know many Malay food like ikan keli masak cili api, mee lagna, roti canai and's different kind of food..oh ya, nasi kerabu... but after these 11 years, I finally get it and some of it become my favorite. I need to blend it after all and eat the food in order to survive here. My advice, don't afraid to try a new food, some of it will be your favorite.

3. Culture differences
Here majority is Malay, Chines and India. Not like at our hometown, we have many including this 3 but we are majority there. When I came here, I always surrounded by Malay people at certain area, Chinese people at certain area and India people at certain area. And, at one time, they will mixed and its feel wonderful to see this. What I want to say here is different bangsa, different cultures, so need to learn to understand all. My advice, don't be afraid to mix with everyone. The key is always remember where you come from and remember your family. Don't try to change yourself for anybody. Remember who you are.

4. Helpful and understanding colleagues
I'm thankful when I got the job, I have helpful and understanding colleagues. I always thankful for this. I thankful I have an opportunity to work with them. I don't know about you, maybe some of you have the difficult one but no worries, that's life. Be patient. If can't tahan already you can say bye bye, no one stop you.

5. Road always jammed and need to pay the tolls.
Something that I don't like. Everyday is jammed. I mean traffic jammed. I hate driving here but there's no public transport to my work area so no choice, I need to drive everyday. Don't forget, you need to pay for the tolls too. This one is really burden me but what to do, this is how its here so go with flow.

After you read this, maybe you can conclude that life is quite difficult here. Yes, it's difficult as I lived by myself here for many years. But, that's difficulties make me go further and unlock my limit. I treasured all the hard moment because they are my best teachers.
So, if you consider to come to work in West Malaysia, make sure you really want it and don't easily give up! Life here is fast paced and you need to keep fast everyday.

I hope this article can give you are glimpse of how's life in West Malaysia.
If you have any comment or opinion or questions, let me know on comment below.


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