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My January 2019 review

Hi there~
January 2019 is finally come to end! Thanks to God I'm surviving. I don't really know what to say about this month but I can say I always in survival mode. And, there's the highlight during this month.


How to making wise choices in your life?

It's Tuesday!
Almost the end of January 2019! I feel the pace of this month is so far so good. I feel manageable but miserable at the same time. I have a lot of things to do at my workplace and the same goes to when I come back home. I still try my best to work on keriitleto.com. I can't lose these two things in my life. My current job is important and my keriitleto.com is also important. So, that's why I come with the topic today. How to make wise choices in this life?
Takut akan Tuhan adalah permulaan pengetahuan,tetapi orang bodoh menghina hikmat dan didikan. - Amsal 1:7 TB

Chriszen Love Matte liqiud lipstick +collagen review

It's almost 12am but I feel productive today.
So, here is one post from me. It's about something that #keriitleto ( girls) really love the most. It's beauty product. I'm going to share my review on Chriszen Love Matte liqiud lipstick +collagen. This is my first time trying local brand lipstick. I currently tried out the foundation of this brand. I want to support local beauty product. So, let's do this.


My quilty pleasure ( secret I never tell)

I will make this post short, this is my guilty pleasure!!
I love to buy lipsticks with almost same colours...haha, it's different name o...haha
Currently, Watson and Guardian are having their BIG promotions.
Do visit their Facebook, I shared the link below:
So girls!!! hahhaaa...shhhhh

Let me know what you got, okay?



Tired of your trouble skin, here is tips to overcome it.

Okay, don't freak out with this photo.
Yes, this is how my face looks like 7 years ago. It's stressful and feels ugly every day. My dream every day is to get beautiful skin. I have tried and tried many products, from local to international. So, here is my experience on how to get a beautiful skin.
Before I share the tips, I don't know if you agree with this statement.
Share with me what do you think on the comment below.
So, here are the tips. This is based on my own experience and I am not sponsored by a brand that I mentioned here. But, you can give it try.

Being negative is not bad at all, it's normal...

This week has been extra tough for me.
I continue to have a war with myself.
I'm trying to not to hate myself but I hate myself more. Maybe you will surprise I'm writing this kind of article on my blog. It's usually about a positive and encouraging post. But, I am human after all. I can't be positive all the time. There's a time I am so negative and trying my very best to be positive because I know the effect of that negativeness in my life. Please allow me to rumble and mumbling on my blog today.


How to buy your own house after 5 years?

Time flies super fast. I just realised that it's been 1 year since I received my first house key. I still feel dreaming but I'm living my dreams now. It's not an easy journey. 
So, in conjunction with this first year anniversary, I will share how to buy your own house after 5 years. Without further due, let's do this.


How to balance your dream and full-time job?

Happy Friday~
It's the third week of January 2019 and I can't keep up on my blog already. What?! It's just 3 weeks in 2019...huahua.
I always fall asleep when the time for my blog. Usually, I allocated time to write on my blog after my dinner/takes bath time but nowadays, I will fall asleep. I guess my body is tired. I'm thankful this week went by without any bad things happen. Actually, there is but I don't want to take it as bad. And, there's one highlight about this week, I went to CEO Conference 2019! It's the first conference ever I attend and I represented my company ( keriitleto.com). I told the story on here, you can check it out. But, what I didn't share yet is what happen after the conference? 
I learned a very big lesson. It's about how to balance your dream and still keep up with your full-time job. So, here is my story and my life lessons this time. 


10 advices I want to tell younger me ( #10yearschallenge)

I know I can't turn back the time. The past is the past.
Since I'm older now so I guess I can share 10 pieces of advice I want to tell younger me and also, the readers that maybe younger than me. 


CEO Conference 2019 ( My takeaway and experience)

15/January/2019, the day I take a big risk in my life! and I will never want to let go this opportunity too. It's too 'sayang' to do so. Also, this is my first time being so lucky. I joined one IG competition on and surprisingly I won!! I am blessed and that's how I get the tickets to go to this conference. It's can let go this opportunity when tickets worth RM1K+! Most importantly, I went there to represent my own, keriitleto.com!, not sent by anybody/the company I'm currently worked. So, here is my takeaway and experience.


Keriitleto skincare routine 2019

Happy Monday!
Sometimes I out of idea what to share on my blog. Thanks to my friend, Jess I have something to share today. I write this post because of you Jess...haha.  She wants to know my skincare routine because she told me, my skin looks so radiant yesterday haha. Thank you for that compliment.
So, here is my skincare routine.


Keriitleto on YouTube

Happy Saturday.
I feel like wanna laugh out loud now.
I'm uploading my first video on YouTube in 2019! I'm not sure why am I doing this.
But, I decided to document my life this year as this year will be my last single life. I will get married this year ( we will reveal the date soon). So, it's good to do something about my singlehood hahaha.
Please do check out my YouTube channel ( search for Keriitleto Paya). You will see a lots of videos, it's my travel videos last time. 


It's Sunday, quality time with my loved one

Happy Sunday~
I started my Sunday by so rushing to go to church. We woke up late due to sleep late we fetch his friend from the airport and arrived at the home at 2am. But, we woke up late! haha.
So, here is my first Sunday in 2019!

First meal on new dine table

To celebrated the new dine table, I cook home cooked meal for us. And, my cousin joined us for this meaningful event...haha. I love to celebrate anything in my life. Life is about happiness.My happiness is seeing my love and family happy.
So, let's see what I cook.


My first weekend in 2019

It's so hectic on Saturday...fuh!
I accomplished one goal in 2019. The goal is to buy a dining table in the house...haha, it's a small goal but I'm really happy I made it! I'm thankful my love teman me to make the dream come true.

Moment to treasure

It's a new year and it's a brand new start for so many people including me. 
2018 is the year to learn a life lesson in a very hard way. I started my new year by make my dream come true.I've been dreamed to buy a dining table since last year but due to my commitment to pay off my all bad debts, I forgot that dream. But, now I already pay off those bad debts so I can buy a little by little furniture inside the house. Thank God I can buy it. And, I am more thankful that my love comes help me go buy it and installed it too. I'm so thankful for him.
So, let's see behind the scene of this dream come true!


One day in my life

It's Friday yay!
But, I wake up a bit late this morning. I can't really sleep last night, I don't know why or I guess because I'm hungry. But, I just sleep and don't care about my stomach anymore. I don't want to eat a heavy meal during the night.


First working day in 2019

It's my first day of working in 2019...fuh! I'm quite tiring because a lot of thing I need to follow up.
So, here is my photo diary of today.


Back to my normal life

Here is my life. My usual life. The previous posts are how my life used to be.
Now, I lived in the city, I feel so comfortable here. But, there's advantage and disadvantages living here. You got to pay tolls, traffic jammed almost everywhere, everyone seems moving faster but there's a lot of advantages, so that's why I choose to live here for this moment.
What I really love about today is I got to see my love, it makes me the happiest person in this world. 
Also, I love when we went to groceries shopping together. It's not because I no need to carry the shopping basket but I love we do and choose the same things.


New Year day Photo diary

I celebrated New Year in a very humble way this year.
I don't see any firework, just the sound of it. I didn't eat fancy food like usual way. I don't celebrate it with my mum and dad as every year since I started working. Just a very humble way. In the morning of the New Year, one of my sisters bring us for breakfast and after breakfast, I went to "teman" my sister to bring her son to "asrama". I feel drama there as per usual. I feel wanted to cry. But, I'm not crying as I afraid my nephew will crying...haha.
Then, in the evening, it's my flight to KL. I just can't wait to see my love. But, this is the longest waiting ever... I forgot to take our photo when we first met in 2019. I feel shy...hahhaa.
Without further due, here is my photo diary on 1.1.19. Let's check it out.