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10 advices I want to tell younger me ( #10yearschallenge)

I know I can't turn back the time. The past is the past.
Since I'm older now so I guess I can share 10 pieces of advice I want to tell younger me and also, the readers that maybe younger than me. 

1. Learn to make money and how to manage money.
2. Always remember, what you do today is your future. Spend your time wisely.
3. Always try to do what you love, if you can't, do what you need to do until you can do what you love.
4. It's okay to slow down sometimes, but don't give up! because life is a process, don't worry if it's not working now. Eventually, everything will work just like God want in your life.
5. Be with God always. Always make yourself available for God.
6. It's okay to feel different, you're unique.
7.  Read more books
8. Don't try to change just because of other but change because you wanted to have a better life.
9. Every day is the day to improve your life and yourself.
10.  In this life, there are many choices, in the end, the choice is yours. You decide.

I hope these 10 pieces of advice can help your life journey.

P.s : The photo above is not my 10 years ago photo... I can't find my 10 years ago photos due to I lost my HDD. ( fuhh..saved!)


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