Back to my normal life

02 January 2019

Here is my life. My usual life. The previous posts are how my life used to be.
Now, I lived in the city, I feel so comfortable here. But, there's advantage and disadvantages living here. You got to pay tolls, traffic jammed almost everywhere, everyone seems moving faster but there's a lot of advantages, so that's why I choose to live here for this moment.
What I really love about today is I got to see my love, it makes me the happiest person in this world. 
Also, I love when we went to groceries shopping together. It's not because I no need to carry the shopping basket but I love we do and choose the same things.

Firstly, driving the car...arghhh... love it!

See this beautiful skies and highway...
But, my skin getting worse today.
Since I missed my love so much, we meet again in the evening...haha.
We went to do groceries shopping together. I love to do this with him. Even though we are not living together now but I love doing thing together with him. After that, before I went back home, we divide the groceries we bought.It's hard to divide groceries now but it's okay lah...enjoy the moment.
So, this is how's my day going. Thanks to God I'm having a good rest.
Thanks to God, I got someone that loved me much and someone I can loved much too. Life is good. So, don't take anything for granted.


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