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How to balance your dream and full-time job?


Happy Friday~
It's the third week of January 2019 and I can't keep up on my blog already. What?! It's just 3 weeks in 2019...huahua.
I always fall asleep when the time for my blog. Usually, I allocated time to write on my blog after my dinner/takes bath time but nowadays, I will fall asleep. I guess my body is tired. I'm thankful this week went by without any bad things happen. Actually, there is but I don't want to take it as bad. And, there's one highlight about this week, I went to CEO Conference 2019! It's the first conference ever I attend and I represented my company ( I told the story on here, you can check it out. But, what I didn't share yet is what happen after the conference? 
I learned a very big lesson. It's about how to balance your dream and still keep up with your full-time job. So, here is my story and my life lessons this time. 

After lunch at the conference, I left early because there will be meeting in the evening at the office. If you guys don't know, I'm still working full time. From the morning, it's not easy for me to decided to go to this conference. I feel hesitate because of my full-time job but I eager to learn something that can bring me forward to making my dream come true. I thought I make a 'right' decision by just go. But, the reality is not as easy. I do feel guilty while I'm at the conference.
In short, at the end of the day, I lose the chance to learn at the conference as I left early and I lose my chance to share on the meeting as my part is not shared this time. Old says " Orang tamak selalu rugi", this happened to me.
The entire night, I feel guilty and I was angry at myself. I keep question about my action. I feel like I 'ruined' my full-time job for being so selfish. It's not easy.
But, I can't let go any of this two important thing in my life now. So, I have no choice to solve this problem.
How to keep your dreams and full-time job balance
1. Understand your goal
What's your full-time job's goal? and what's your dream's goal? Why you want to do it? Ask yourself and always remember it.

2. Find a balance
It's easy to say this. But, no choice, find a balance.

3. Keep it separate
Don't answer any emails, DM or comment while you're doing your full-time job.

4. Identify priorities
I learned this one in a very hard way this week. I ended up to losing both.
So, next time, I will identify my priorities before I decide.

I can say, it's not easy to do this. But, I've no choice right now. I need my full-time job as I can pay all the bills. I need to do my dreams as I don't want to stay or do the same until I older. I want to do something I passionate about and feel happy!
From now on, I will always try my best to do this two thing in a balanced way.

Have you ever feel dilemma like this?How you overcome it?
Let me know on the comment below.


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