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First working day in 2019

It's my first day of working in 2019...fuh! I'm quite tiring because a lot of thing I need to follow up.
So, here is my photo diary of today.

My typical morning. I always stuck at traffic jammed and no choice other than this route...ermm.
But, usually during traffic jammed I will read my devotion.

A quick selfie, just to take a memories.

Thanks God I arrived at work safely.
I always prayed before I went to work because we don't know what will happen.

This is my breakfast and lunch today.
My favorite wrap, it's fried eggs, mayonnise and salad.

Fuhh... the day just went like that. I went back from work and this is the view. It's the usual view and I love it.

This is my usual way back home. Usually, I will take different route. Depends on my mood and where I wanted to go after work. As per today, I just take a normal route.

It's traffic jammed again. I don't like traffic jammed here. It's took 20minutes sometimes.

Today, I went to survey kain for the wedding and curtains. My aim this year, I will finish my house curtains as I not finish it fully...hehe.
Also, I got to see the price of kain for my wedding too, so I can do budgetting more accurate.

Ermmm... I just love to do this now...

And, while I'm at the hypermarket, I check out the perabot price. Do comparison. I still love IKEA...hehe

And, my sister said this product is good so I feel wanted to try it. Should I?

Ermmm...why this so expensive? Just put it on my armpit what??!!

Yesterday we went to groceries shopping and we have bought this one. My fiancé said, it's smell good. We are not living together yet but I usually do the laundry at home.

I never thought I will be soo happy when I saw the price of Sunlight at Tesco just RM4.88 ( usual price is RM6.45 or RM5.60). This is depend where you buy it.

The green apple is expensive at Giant but just RM0.90 at Tesco...waa the price ar? so different.

I never bother about eggs price before. But, now I did...haha.
It's become expensive nowadays and I should see different store next time.

Since I want to lose weight this year, I need the olive oil.But, it's so expensive too...huahuaa

Just an update about my hand...haha. It's getting super darker. It's look funny now.

So, this is how my day today.
Now, I'm writing on my blog how's my day.
After this, I will do the wedding preparation...fuhhh..such a hectic schedule.But, I love being busy than bored.
So, how's your day today?
Is your first day at work too?


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