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How to buy your own house after 5 years?

Time flies super fast. I just realised that it's been 1 year since I received my first house key. I still feel dreaming but I'm living my dreams now. It's not an easy journey. 
So, in conjunction with this first year anniversary, I will share how to buy your own house after 5 years. Without further due, let's do this.

As I always shared here, my 2018 has been my toughest year for me and I feel like 2018 just past like that. Last year I tried my best to make up for my mistakes especially my financial mistakes. I cried on my own because I was so angry at myself for doing all those mistakes. My financial mistakes really drive me crazy last year and it's getting tougher when I need to pay bills and debts at the same time. I feel so stuck! But, God is good so I managed to recover from those. Despite all that things, I wanted to share how to buy your own house after 5 years. I hope this sharing will inspire and give a glimpse of how to do this. This is my personal experience so I'm not sure this will work for everyone. At the end of this post, I will share some website that I used to check out during my preparations time.

How to buy your own house after 5 years?
Stage 1: Preparation time
To do :
- Save money for a deposit ( usually, it's 10% of the house price), so you calculate yourself.
- Learn about the property as much you can, so you have knowledge about this.
- Hunting for the house (tengok-tengok I mean).

Stage 2: Hunting time
Once you know where you want to buy the house, focus on that area.
To do :
- Focus on looking for the house in the area you want.
- Keep yourself update regarding property news.
- During this time, make sure you have good credit. Don't apply for an unnecessary loan, pay for PTPTN and most importantly, save money.
- Don't forget to enjoy life along the way. Take care of yourself wisely.
- Prepare yourself for this big purchase.

Stage 3: After 5 years
- By this time, you already can withdraw the money that you saved. For my case, I pay off my ASB financing after 5 years. So, by this time, I already decide where I want to buy my house and ready to go for it.
- Apply for a house loan. This one takes time, so pray hard.

Stage 4: The journey really begins!
After your house loan approved, then the journey really begins! You got the key and don't forget to go inspect the house and as I can't afford to rent and pay for my house at the same time, so I moved to my house after 3 months get the key. 

These are the simple know how to buy your own house. Actually, you need a lot of research and read carefully, do your homework.
If you want to know details, you can check out the website below:

I hope this article is useful for you and don't forget to share with your family or friends that need this.
If you have any question or comment, please comment below. If you feel shy to comment, you can email me at

Thank you.

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