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Keriitleto skincare routine 2019

Happy Monday!
Sometimes I out of idea what to share on my blog. Thanks to my friend, Jess I have something to share today. I write this post because of you Jess...haha.  She wants to know my skincare routine because she told me, my skin looks so radiant yesterday haha. Thank you for that compliment.
So, here is my skincare routine.

" There's no ugly girl, just a lazy girl".

That's me last year. I am super lazy to take care of my skin or face. Besides, I can’t afford my usual skincare from The Face Shop, I am super broke and this year, thanks to my sister, I can use my favorite skincare again. Love you Tod.
Please take note that, the product I’m using is The Face Shop and some other brand. Please make sure, this product is working on my skins so please use a product that works on your skin too.
I’ve been using The Face shop for many years already. I am not really strict lady when coming to my skin actually, I am lazy too.
Sometimes I went to bed without washing my face and its in the foundation. So, here is my routine.
Wash my face

Wash face
Night cream * Depends on my laziness level.


Here is my make up bag.

I don’t really do this routine but this is guidelines for me.
And, I always remind myself this quote “ No ugly women, just lazy women”.

Tips from me,
Don’t be lazy!
Be beautiful.


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