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Moment to treasure

It's a new year and it's a brand new start for so many people including me. 
2018 is the year to learn a life lesson in a very hard way. I started my new year by make my dream come true.I've been dreamed to buy a dining table since last year but due to my commitment to pay off my all bad debts, I forgot that dream. But, now I already pay off those bad debts so I can buy a little by little furniture inside the house. Thank God I can buy it. And, I am more thankful that my love comes help me go buy it and installed it too. I'm so thankful for him.
So, let's see behind the scene of this dream come true!

So, here is my love do the installations.
He even tested it to make sure everything is okay. I'm super clumsy after all so he always knows what to do.
Next is the table... 

Here it is!

The proud fiancee with her lovely dine table.

Never forget to take our wefies with our new dine table. As per usual, he always hesitate to take photo with me but this is what I love to do so he must do lah...hehe

This is the beginning for us.
This year is a year to work hard to make any dream or goal come true!
Keep bring us in your prayer so it will be happen.

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