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My first weekend in 2019

It's so hectic on Saturday...fuh!
I accomplished one goal in 2019. The goal is to buy a dining table in the house...haha, it's a small goal but I'm really happy I made it! I'm thankful my love teman me to make the dream come true.

I started my day by went to meeting for our residental. But, I go back early because I've something to do. And, I almost fall to Mudah scammer! But, thankfully I'm not fall for that. Thanks God!

My hand update on that day but now it's okay.

Selfie before met my love hahahaa

30 minutes is stuck at traffic jammed. I wasted my time here....huhu

Selfie again while waiting for my love. We will go to my favorite place.

My hand become so gatal...arghhhh

Take a memory with my sunburn hand and my newly fresh face...ehehe. I'm currently trying local product. I definitely shared about it soon.

One of the road in KL.

TRX building. I think it's finish already.

We are here! IKEA!!

Before we make my dream come true, we eat our first meal together in 2019!
This is how IKEA look like. When you visit IKEA don't forget to at least try the meatballs.

I ate this...hahhaa

This is his...yummmm

Then, the hunting is beginnnn... I love doing this with my love. We have different taste but at the end, we got what I want....hahahhaaa

We got this one!

Please bear with long queu when you at the payment exit.

My next aim! Maybe next year.

Tq my love for helping me make my dream come true!


The proud and happy face. I will share about the process on different post.

here it is, dining table!!!

I'm on diet but I really want to eat cheezy nan! I ate this with my uncle while I do my laundry. After laundry, I went to teman-ing my love for his practice....fuhhhh

This is my typical weekend! Super packed and a lot of thing to do and spending time with my love one.


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