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New Year day Photo diary

I celebrated New Year in a very humble way this year.
I don't see any firework, just the sound of it. I didn't eat fancy food like usual way. I don't celebrate it with my mum and dad as every year since I started working. Just a very humble way. In the morning of the New Year, one of my sisters bring us for breakfast and after breakfast, I went to "teman" my sister to bring her son to "asrama". I feel drama there as per usual. I feel wanted to cry. But, I'm not crying as I afraid my nephew will crying...haha.
Then, in the evening, it's my flight to KL. I just can't wait to see my love. But, this is the longest waiting ever... I forgot to take our photo when we first met in 2019. I feel shy...hahhaa.
Without further due, here is my photo diary on 1.1.19. Let's check it out.

So, here is my asrama drama...haha. My sister and I went to visit my nephew here. He is cool but I'm dramatic as per usual.

Can't believe this boy grown up so much already. Thanks to God.

Since I got sunburn, so I use this one. This product quite famous at Sarawak. Do you guy know about it?

So, that's it for my new year day.
I went to breakfast with my sisters, that's the best thing to start the year. I got to see my love again after almost 2 weeks. Can't bear the feeling already. I missed him a lot during my holiday. Let's pray this year we will be together. So, I'm not feel guilty again.

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