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04 January 2019

It's Friday yay!
But, I wake up a bit late this morning. I can't really sleep last night, I don't know why or I guess because I'm hungry. But, I just sleep and don't care about my stomach anymore. I don't want to eat a heavy meal during the night.

I wake up and read this verse from the Bible. This will be my life motto this year.
Whatever I do, always put God first.

And, my hand start to mengelupas. It's feel painful too.

Jammed as per usual...

Selfie of the day.

This is where my office shoes... my flat shoes is super flat already. I need to replace it.

I trying to make a habit using stairs whenever I go to work now.

Here is my working lubang already. I need to change it now.

Morning view at my office

So many cars...haha

As the day end, my hand getting worse...

In the afternoon, I went to bank for some matter.

Here is my lunch today, it's RM6 ( whoaaaa...expensive!)

I went back from work and again, it's jammed again. I shouldn't take this route.

That's how the day went by.
I think my life is quite boring but I have a lot of things to do...ermmm..
Let's live my life better and fun from now.


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