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#keriitletokitchen : Simple recipe for big celebration

Happy Thursday!
I feel like I wanna cooking today because today is a special day!
So, here is my simple recipe for big celebration.

Goodness of God


Thank you God for always being good to me and my loved one.



Working life - Team building memories

Hi there~
Before February 2019 end, I would like to share the photo diary of my team building with the team from last last weekend. My week has been so hectic this past two weeks and I can't update on this on my blog. So, here is the update.
Don't forget to check out my YouTube channel for the video diary as well. I will upload the video soon.


My 5 regrets in my career

Hi there~
Happy weekend.
I rarely talked about my work on my blog as some of it's confidential and I sometimes not feel so proud of it ( to be honest). Yes, I am ungrateful sometimes. I am not all the time love my job.
This year will be my 7 years as working women and all these years, I have so many regrets and if I can turn back the time, I will never do this thing so I will never regret. But, I can't do that. But, I learned from it and I'm sharing this on the blog so you guys can learn from my regrets.
Without further due, let's read.


My PTPTN story and how to pay off your debt?

Hi there~
Today, I will share about a different topic than love.
This post is inspired by one event that happen to me this morning. I received email notification regarding my student loan (PTPTN) and it's making me feel so happy.
Without further due, let's read.


How to find the right women/man to marry?

Hi there~
Valentine is passed but this is a month of love so I think it's the right time to share about this.
I read somewhere,
If you find the right person, every day is Valentine day.
If you find the wrong person, every day is torture day.
I know we can't see the future so when come to find the right women/man to marry, let's surrender to God.
Here is my story.


So far away

Hi there~
As you read this post, I'm already in Vietnam for my work.
This is my first time travelling in 2019 and my first time being away from my fiance since our engagement last year.
I feel a bit different. Being away is hardest this time. We are not living together but still, I feel so far away. It's a different country after all and it's one-hour different so it feels so far away.
So, here is my experience being away this time.


9 love lessons I learned in my life

Happy Valentine day 2019 everyone!
It's finally here and for sure, I will share an article that related to love. This year, we are not celebrate Valentine together as we lived far from each other and besides, every day is our Valentine...hahhaa. Without further due, here is my 9 love lessons I have learned in my life.


Wedding Preparation Update (January 2019)

Hi there!
How are you doing? I hope you have a good time after a long holiday.
It's a new month so it's time for my wedding preparation update. It's getting there now. To be honest, this is no kidding process but I would like to take it easy and I don't want to feel really stress about it. I want to enjoy the moment and process.
So, here is the first time I reveal my wedding preparation on my blog.
I hope this will be useful for anybody out there.


Don't just wish but just do it!

I love seeing and listening to people that speak well in front of many people. I love watching TED talks, I love seeing preachers speak on Instagram or YouTube and I am so jealous to see my friends able to talk smoothly in front of people.
I secretly( not a secret anymore, I tell you guys here), I want to speak like that in front of people. I love to share story, experiences and encourage people. But, due to my shyness or bad at public speaking, I can't do that very well. To be honest, I really love to talk and share a good word with friends. But, when I need to be in front of people, I just don't get it! I feel so nervous.
Yesterday I had an opportunity to speak during our Youth Ministry gathering. I feel confident at first but as per usual, I feel so nervous, I don't know why! I feel so nervous until I forgot what the words or I don't have smooth sharing. Always have a pause, arrr, errr...haha.
Public speaking is one of something that I try to improve. I know I am very bad at this so I need to do something. One of it talks a lot like this in future.

So, that's all for this post.
If you're good at public speaking, let me know! I need tips.


Mountain of love

I am a big fan of mountains.
I love to see the mountains so much. I just love it! My dream places to go to are New Zealand and Bhutan because these two country have an amazing mountains view. I went to New Zealand last time and I able to witness the beautiful mountains and I cried because I feel touched and amazing! I love it so much! Maybe because I am a jungle girl so that why I love it...
Now, I am thankful I can enjoy the mountains with my loved.
Enjoy the photos.

I hope you enjoy the photos.
Next will be another earth element.


Perlis road trip in 2019

Hi there!
Chinese New Year holiday just ended and now back to the normal routine. I spent my CNY holiday in Perlis this time. Usually, I will avoid doing anything during the festive season especially travel somewhere but this one is exceptional because I think this will be my last visit to Perlis as my sister's family will be moving back to Sarawak so I don't think I will be ever visiting Perlis after this. There's no reason to come here again. For me, Perlis always have special space in my heart, I lived here for 4 years, I studied my degree here but now, I think I love Selangor more than any state. I love lived here.
Without further due, here are photos from our Perlis road trip in 2019. I hope you enjoy it.


Love in Perlis

It's February and it's a month of love.
So, please bear with a lot of our photos this month.
One thing that I love about my fiancĂ© is he is a man with action. Last week, I tagged him when I posted my beach photo, I love the beach and I haven't go to the beach for quite some time now. I really wanted to go but he seems didn't do anything and I don't expect anything too because I don't like to expect anything from people, I just enjoy life as per usual. So, when we went to Perlis...


That simple thing

Hi there!
How're you guys doin'? How's your CNY holiday? I hope you have a great one.
As for me, I just come back from Perlis, fuhh! It's super jammed toward to KL last night/early morning, I think this is the worst traffic jam I ever face in my life. Usually, I will avoid going anywhere whenever festive seasons because I hate stuck in traffic jammed but due to I want to finish up my house curtains so we go to Perlis. My sister is the expert one when come to curtains. But, due to some issue, I can't do the curtains thing but still want to go to Perlis because my sister's family will be moving back to Sarawak in April. They will go back for good and I will be on my own start from that moment. So, need to visit them for the last time in Perlis.Besides, I miss their home cook meal. 
Also, I have a special story to share with you guys from Perlis, without further due, let's check it out.


Nasihat kewangan kepada para graduan

1) Rajin cari duit tambahan
Jangan malu untuk mencari duit tambahan semasa belajar. Jika anda tidak mahu membuat part-time di kedai kopi, kedai makanan segera kerana anda takut menganggu masa anda, juallah makanan ringan dengan kawan-kawan seperti mee segera, kopi ataupun jadilah kreatif terutamanya semasa musim perayaan. Kita Sabah/Sarawak selalunya tidak pulang ke kampung pada masa yang singkat jadi inilah peluang anda. Kunci dia, jangan malas. Saya dulu malas dan mengharapkan duit PTPTN so ambik kau sekarang, kena membayar PTPTN dengan gaji bulanan.

Independent women

"Learn how to take care of yourself so that the man you marry is the man you choose to be with and not just the man who will take care of you."

When I read this statement on one of my favourite books, I totally agree with it. In my personal opinion, this is what every woman should put on their mindset. We are capable to take care of ourselves and not waiting for the man that we want to take care of us. I don't say we don't need a man because God created man to help us.But, I always believe a woman have right to be independent while being depends on her husband.
So, here is my story on being an independent woman.