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9 love lessons I learned in my life

Happy Valentine day 2019 everyone!
It's finally here and for sure, I will share an article that related to love. This year, we are not celebrate Valentine together as we lived far from each other and besides, every day is our Valentine...hahhaa. Without further due, here is my 9 love lessons I have learned in my life.

 1. Don't compare
Never ever do this in your relationship, whether compare your partner with the Korean drama actor/actress or your ex-boyfriend/girlfriend. Everyone has their own uniqueness so don't do this. If you still want to do it, do it in your heart but never put it on action or say it. It will harm the relationship. After all, who like to be compared with, right?

2. Same values
For me, this is a very important lesson I have learned. You and your partner must have the same values in your life. You two must go toward the same goal.

3. Don't take everything personally
Your partner is a human being and sometimes his/her behaviour or action not pleased you, it's totally understandable. I always try not to take everything personally. Take it easy.

4. Filter your words
Words are very important. While we communicate, the words come out from our mouth so if it's not blessing your partner, filter it first. If you still feel like you need to say it, keep it to yourself first and when everything calms down, then only say it. I don't say you cannot say your words but be careful when saying any words, common sense! If you say bad words, your partner will be hurting for so long even after you say sorry.

5. Give more than receive
When come to this, I always choose to give more than receive. I love seeing my partner happy and feel loved.

6. Be considerate and flexible
Sometimes I'm not so considerate and flexible because I always want to stick on the schedule and what I want but my partner is different so sometimes I need to follow him too.

7. Don't overthink
When you in a relationship, you not owned your partner. He/she has life, he/she need to live normally too. When he talked to other girls, don't directly think that he must be like her. You are mature enough to think. If that happen, then just let it happen. You're not lose but he the one that lose. Or that relationship is not mean to be for you.

8. Don't expect too much
You can expect but don't expect too much on people.
You can't control what people want to do for you. So, if the expectation is beyond then be grateful and if it's not, then be grateful too.

9. Trust God and love people.
Above all, trust God in your relationship. Always invite God to be above all. Being in a relationship is not easy as you always see on TV/sosial media, there's a lot of behind the scenes that people never show to you. Don't expect being in a relationship or in love is 'flowers' from the skies everyday. After all, a relationship is a combination of two imperfect person in this world.

Before I end this post, I want to shout out to my love one, Maclare.
Happy Valentine's day my dear. 
Thank you for loving me more than I ever wished/prayed, you're the gift from God to me and thank you for choose to be with me in this life journey. My prayers everyday that you will always become the man that always loves God with all of your heart, healthy and love people around you including me.
Let's work hard for making our dream come true this year.

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