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How to find the right women/man to marry?

Hi there~
Valentine is passed but this is a month of love so I think it's the right time to share about this.
I read somewhere,
If you find the right person, every day is Valentine day.
If you find the wrong person, every day is torture day.
I know we can't see the future so when come to find the right women/man to marry, let's surrender to God.
Here is my story.

If you frequent visitor/reader of my blog, then you already know my love story. If you don't know, you can read somewhere here(hehe) or I let you guys know again.
Before my fiance, I had my first boyfriend( he is my ex-boyfriend now). When I met that guy, I thought he is the right man for me. He has everything that I wanted in guy I wanted to marry but he not fulfil my first criteria, which is he MUST believe in same God as me and he really love God. Thanks to God, I'm in relationship with him for 5 years but as years goes by, it's getting serious and this make feel so confused. I will never sacrifice my faith for love. I love God because God's love is certain but I'm not sure this guy love will be certain for me forever. During the confusion time, I always prayed to God, if he is meant to be with me, open the door and if he is not, closed the door before I make crazy decision to marry him. God really closed the door and I feel hurting so bad but this what I prayed for and I obeyed God's plan and process.I never blame my previous relationship, I take it as a lesson and process that prepared me for my current relationship. I prayed for my ex-boyfriend he will be happier with his life.
I'm thankful because God lead me to the right one. I met my fiance back in 2013 but never feel interested to get to know him. I still feel heartbroken that time, the timing is not good. I still searching for who am I, fix my relationship with God and I don't waste my energy on the uncertain relationship. During this time, I always prayed to God what I want and I don't want to be in any relationship if he is not meant for me. The process is long. I learned to be patience and pray for this. I know God will give me at the right time and the right person. After 3 years, we met again and God's plan is perfect and we get together finally. The process is beautiful and it's really God's plan in my life. Fast forward today, we are working on our dream wedding. Please bring us in your prayers.
So, what I want to share today is,
How to find He is the right men?

1. He loves God
2. He loves you
3. He certain about the relationship
3. He has an effort.
4. He is honest
5. He is responsible
6. He gets along with your family
7. You attracted to him for sure
8. He is willing to work hard to provide
9. He put God first
10. He protects you.
11. He shows his patience
12. He is reliable

How to find she is the right women?

1. She loves God
2. She loves you
3. She also certain about the relationship
3. She has an effort.
4. She is honest
5. She is responsible
6. She gets along with your family
7. You attracted to him for sure
8. She is willing to work together and be together in whatever situation.
9. She put God first
10. She is kind

I know, there will be no perfect human in this world.
For me, the relationship all about accepts the weakness and support/embrace the strength of your partner. So, I hope this can help you to decide whether the guy/girl you dated now is worth to marry or not.
Remember, being in a relationship is an investment.
You invest your time, money and energy. If you know he is not the right one, stop it ( I know it's hard) but don't waste your time, money and energy. Always looking for the man/women that love God in her/his life. It's worth to invest and go for.
Above all, pray to God for the right one. God always know the best and He will provide on His time, don't worry.
For now, loves God and love people surround you.


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