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10 February 2019

I love seeing and listening to people that speak well in front of many people. I love watching TED talks, I love seeing preachers speak on Instagram or YouTube and I am so jealous to see my friends able to talk smoothly in front of people.
I secretly( not a secret anymore, I tell you guys here), I want to speak like that in front of people. I love to share story, experiences and encourage people. But, due to my shyness or bad at public speaking, I can't do that very well. To be honest, I really love to talk and share a good word with friends. But, when I need to be in front of people, I just don't get it! I feel so nervous.
Yesterday I had an opportunity to speak during our Youth Ministry gathering. I feel confident at first but as per usual, I feel so nervous, I don't know why! I feel so nervous until I forgot what the words or I don't have smooth sharing. Always have a pause, arrr, errr...haha.
Public speaking is one of something that I try to improve. I know I am very bad at this so I need to do something. One of it talks a lot like this in future.

So, that's all for this post.
If you're good at public speaking, let me know! I need tips.


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