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My 5 regrets in my career

Hi there~
Happy weekend.
I rarely talked about my work on my blog as some of it's confidential and I sometimes not feel so proud of it ( to be honest). Yes, I am ungrateful sometimes. I am not all the time love my job.
This year will be my 7 years as working women and all these years, I have so many regrets and if I can turn back the time, I will never do this thing so I will never regret. But, I can't do that. But, I learned from it and I'm sharing this on the blog so you guys can learn from my regrets.
Without further due, let's read.

1. I am scared of challenges
My early years of working, I always hungry for challenges. "I am ready" for it kind of attitude. As the years go by, I become scared of challenges especially the big challenges. I always prayed no challenges, yes I prayed for that, no kidding! God must laugh at me. But, challenges make you move forward. Don't pray for easy job but pray for God to be with you when you take the challenges.Don't be afraid of challenges because challenges will teach you and make you move forward in your career.

2. I am avoiding leadership
My wrong decision everrrr!
I thought I will never into leadership thingy. But, as times goes by, I realized that leadership is for everyone! Everyone is a leader. You cannot be followers all the time. There's the time you need to lead, you cannot forever stay at the same position. I know, maybe you feel you don't know how to lead ( yes, I feel this before) but you need to know that, leader is not born, is madeIf you don't know about leadership, learn and give it try!
But, the real reason I avoided because I feel like I can't do it, I feel small as I am Sarawakian and I don't have the right to lead! I have a fixed mindset here. What a waste!
Too bad I can't turn back the time but I learning and I will give it try someday. If I don't lead anybody, I lead myself and my family to the great direction.

3. I am staying in my comfort zone.
Another regret that I seem cannot forgive myself.
I stayed at my comfort zone for so long. I should take a risks during my early years and get not so comfortable. But, maybe this is God's plan for now. Next, I definitely out of my comfort zone.

4. I choose to not do my best...sometimes.
I am not perfect at my job. I screwed up sometimes. I feel bad about this until now but I can't bring that feeling forever, it's heavy. So, I choose to let it go and try my best again to not screw up.

5. I am choose to compare myself with others
Again, during my early years in my career, I always compare myself with others, then I feel down. I should focus on my journey and really do my best.

Being a working people is not easy as you thought.
My advise to you, take a risks and go for challenges. The harder the challenge the better, it's challenge the true you. Don't stay on your comfort zone forever. Don't be scared to take a lead.If you don't know, learn!

I hope you learn from my regrets and be the best version of yourself.
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