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My PTPTN story and how to pay off your debt?

Hi there~
Today, I will share about a different topic than love.
This post is inspired by one event that happen to me this morning. I received email notification regarding my student loan (PTPTN) and it's making me feel so happy.
Without further due, let's read.

My PTPTN story
I take the student loan(PTPTN) because my parent can't afford to pay for my study. I don't blame them as I have other siblings too and my parent worked as a farmer in a rural area so we don't have money to afford my study fees. PTPTN helped made my dream come true and I finish my study. I am the one that not smart enough to manage this student loan. I got a good job but not very consistent at my payment as I got many commitments as the years go by.
Also, this PTPTN you shouldn't take it lightly as its effect your car loan, home loan or others related bank application. So, don't take it easy.
So, here what you should do to pay off your PTPTN.
Usually, the fresh graduate salary is RM2500. I don't know now how much.
So, during the first year, here what 3 things that you need to do. I know you want to having fun with the money that you earned but bersusah-susah dulu, bersenang-senang kemudian. Here is what I recommend you to do for the first year are,
1. Give your 10% of salary for church
2. Give some money to your parent
3. Do the ASB loan  ( don't take too much amount lah, later don't have money to eat)
4. Pay your PTPTN consistently.
5. Don't live like a rich when you're poor and have student loan that you don't want to pay.
During this first year, you need to be smart on handling your PTPTN debt and if can, don't make any big commitments yet ( if possible). If you can go to work by public transport, then do that. It's okay to suffer during the first year, don't be 'suffering' in future.During your first year, you should put in your mind " Pay PTPTN consistently, save money and it's okay to bersusah-suah dulu".

How to pay off your debt?
Everyone is struggling with bad debts nowadays. One of it its PTPTN. So, here what you can do if you having a problem with PTPTN.
1. Pay it using EPF
- Go to PTPTN centre and tell them you want to pay your PTPTN using your EPF.
I know it's your retirement money but I don't want to have debt until I die. It's hunting me.

2. Live under your mean
- Don't buy what you can't afford. If you wanted it so bad, apply the 7 days rule.

3. Know how much you need to pay
Check how much your PTPTN outstanding and asked the PTPTN staffs how can you start to pay for it. You need to FACE THE REALITY!! Ask and plan to pay for it.

4. Start paying for it.
Just pay. No other word.

I hope this article is beneficial for you.
if you have any other tips on pay off PTPTN debt, let me know.

For now, let's pay our PTPTN consistently.


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