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Perlis road trip in 2019

Hi there!
Chinese New Year holiday just ended and now back to the normal routine. I spent my CNY holiday in Perlis this time. Usually, I will avoid doing anything during the festive season especially travel somewhere but this one is exceptional because I think this will be my last visit to Perlis as my sister's family will be moving back to Sarawak so I don't think I will be ever visiting Perlis after this. There's no reason to come here again. For me, Perlis always have special space in my heart, I lived here for 4 years, I studied my degree here but now, I think I love Selangor more than any state. I love lived here.
Without further due, here are photos from our Perlis road trip in 2019. I hope you enjoy it.

4 February 2019(Monday)
It's my off day and I got surprised by my fiancé!! He really knows how to make me feel good. I will share about it on a different post soon.
I don't know why but on this day, I was so busy in the house and I cooked dinner and tidy up the house. By 10pm, we finally start our road trip to Perlis, yeay! I feel so happy because I got to spend with my loved one, friends and family.

5 February 2019 (Tuesday)
According to Waze apps, we supposed to arrived around 3pm but due to my fiancé too tired so we always stop at RnR to get some sleep. I feel pity him. Thank you dear for sacrificing for us. As for me, I can't take it anymore, I just sleep. Then, we arrived at Perlis at 8pm...haha. And, here is princess Demma. She is so shy at the beginning but eventually, she is okay with me but still cannot meet eyes to eyes with Mac.

Then, we go for a walk. I miss her so much.
 While my fianceé and friends get some rest.
As per usual, my sister and her husband prepared such good food.

Then, after lunch, we went to Padang Besar and something that I found weird here is the mountains. It's shaped like this. I don't know why.
The leaves turned orange and red due to very hot weather I guess but it's beautiful.

The one thing I looking for. The comforter set. It's just RM50!

After Padang Besar shopping trip, we went to groceries shopping for our dinner with my sister's family.

6th February 2019 ( Wednesday)
Wake up and breakfast and just talking to my sister's family. It's good to talking to everyone without looking at our phone. After breakfast and we are ready to explore Perlis.
Firstly, we went to Kuala Perlis then visited Taman Ular. Before that, we take photos with my sister's family.

The usual view in Perlis.

We almost there!

Then, we went to Taman Ular.
By 2pm, we need to go back to KL but we stuck at traffic jammed for 10 hours...
Arrived at home around 2.30am...

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