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So far away

Hi there~
As you read this post, I'm already in Vietnam for my work.
This is my first time travelling in 2019 and my first time being away from my fiance since our engagement last year.
I feel a bit different. Being away is hardest this time. We are not living together but still, I feel so far away. It's a different country after all and it's one-hour different so it feels so far away.
So, here is my experience being away this time.

I'm not complaining because I love my work and this is the part that I really love my job. I love being away from office sometimes and get different environment.
Just I feel different being away this time. My fiance said "it's just one week"...hahaha, yes lah but it's one week!!! I know he is joking with me and I know he also miss me (evil laugh) but never want to show it.
Before I went to the airport, I took many videos of us and now, I watched that many times. He sent the voice note to me and I listened to that many times as I can hear his voice.
Being away make me appreciate the time that we have together. We might not see each other every day but knowing we are at the same country and breathing the same air is make me feel good.

While there love,appreciate love and love harder.


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