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That simple thing

Hi there!
How're you guys doin'? How's your CNY holiday? I hope you have a great one.
As for me, I just come back from Perlis, fuhh! It's super jammed toward to KL last night/early morning, I think this is the worst traffic jam I ever face in my life. Usually, I will avoid going anywhere whenever festive seasons because I hate stuck in traffic jammed but due to I want to finish up my house curtains so we go to Perlis. My sister is the expert one when come to curtains. But, due to some issue, I can't do the curtains thing but still want to go to Perlis because my sister's family will be moving back to Sarawak in April. They will go back for good and I will be on my own start from that moment. So, need to visit them for the last time in Perlis.Besides, I miss their home cook meal. 
Also, I have a special story to share with you guys from Perlis, without further due, let's check it out.

If you follow me on IG ( @keriitleto) then you already know what's the story. But, I still want to write it here so in future, I can read and remember about it. We created many memories in Perlis this time. It's very easy to melt my heart especially when this guy did it. As you guy may know, I love to take my photos everywhere. Whenever I saw any beautiful background/wall, I always asked him to stop. Usually, he will stop and sometimes he will check the situation/surrounding first. If it's safe, he will stop by and if not, then he will not stop. But, I think this one is special because when I saw these beautiful flowers, 
I asked him " Can we stop here later after groceries shopping? "
he just replied me "Hermm..", as per usual.hahhahaaa
So, we went to do groceries shopping. After that, honestly, I totally forgot about it. So, when he suddenly pulled over and I feel weird because it's not the way go back to my sister's house but when I see around, whoaaa... I remember and I feel so touching! He remember what I love to do and it makes me so happy. I still feel happy when thinking of it now.
As I grow old, I don't really agree that only money is the source of happiness. 
Money can make you feel happy but it's not eternal happiness. Eternal happiness is loving God and love people around you.
Don't be afraid to show your love toward your loved one.
Even just a simple gesture to show love is really powerful, it makes me feel so happy and I can't stop smiling when I look at these photos now.

Seems there nothing special about these background but I love it. The mixed color is beautiful! It's an idea now? hahha

Dear my love,
Thank you my love for remember to stopping by, take my photos( I appreciate those squat and direction for 45 degree and make me look slimmer...haha) and of course, dealing with the silly me. I really appreciate it.
I'm sorry, I always forget lately, I dont know why. I even forgot our laptop password, I am scared of this actually but I'm trying my best to remember just like I always did before.

Before I end this post, let's always love each other everyday. Don't take anybody in your life for granted.


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