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Last day in Semenanjung

I'm not going to lie, I missed my family so bad now. I am homesick!
I missed them so much. I know, they will see me again but still, I feel homesick.
I feel I'm 'alone' in this different state now. I know I have my fiance and some relative here but seeing my sister's family go back for good really effect my emotional.
So, here is some of our photo together.

First, we went to Sate Kajang.
I never ate Sate Kajang before and my first time. My review...ermmm I don't really love it.

Next, we went to Putrajaya.

On the next day, after sunday service... we went for lunch. I started to feel sad already.

I missed you guys.
I hope you guy will have a good life at Miri from now on.



Goodness Of God

God has been so good to me despite the not perfect me.


I'm so happy with my new rice cooker!!

Arghhh... I wanted to share one exciting news here.
I am so happy that my idea was selected for the Innovation award at my workplace. I'm so excited about it but I can't reveal the idea here, I want to keep it secret...hehe. But, I'm happy I got the prize for the idea that I never thought to selected. Praise the Lord.
So, what am I going to do with it?
I planned to buy a bigger rice cooker.
Last time I got the vouchers, I said I want to buy a bigger rice cooker instead I bought oven toaster and I don't really love it.So, this time I will really buy bigger rice cooker.So, here are my choices. I can't believe I will share my rice cooker choices on my blog...haha

Choice 1:Pensonic

Choice 2: Midea ( my sister's favorite brand)

Choice 3 : Cornell ( I never heard of this brand before but I think I want this)
My eyes already on you but I need to add another RM60 for this...ermmm

Choice 4 : Tefal ( I love the color but need to add another RM90)

Or I will go for drill/BBQ/steamboat pan?? hahaha
But, I don't know the price.

And, here is the price. Yeay!

I am grateful for this price and can't wait to buy my rice cooker...
I will share what I buy and my review on the rice cooker soon.