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Jatuh hati

Happy Monday~
How you guys doing? I hope you doing well today. 
For topic today, I want to share about the relationship. I know, I always shared about the relationship on my blog this year... I am engaged after all and the relationship has become like blood flow in my body. Also, I feel loved, I am blessed and thankful.
Without further due, let's feed your mind with sweet little things.
The darkest time
Thinking back, I never imagined I will be on this stage and engaged to the awesome man, Maclare.
Back in 2013, I was terribly heartbroken. During that heartbroken time, I wished that my ex-boyfriend will come back and we will be in the relationship again. But, I know, he is not the right one for me and I eventually feel tired of waiting and at the same time, I don't want to crush my pride again for getting back together. So, I choose to search for myself rather than finding boyfriend. I surrender everything to God. Also at the same time, I feel tired of searching and I don't want to choose the wrong person again. I told myself, the guy that I be in relationship after this terrible time will be the man I want to marry and he must love God with his all heart and of course, love me too. Not just that but he must be able to accept the clumsy me and annoying me....haha
It's not an easy process you know. After 2013, I still not found the one but I don't feel pressured as I am still young...I enjoying my singlehood life...hehe
The bright time finally has come
Then, in late 2015.... finally, the time has come!
I met my fiance! Thinking back, the process is sweet! It's very smooth and I'm never realised it will go toward this...haha. We just met for the sake of Youth Ministry thingy and no biggie. I don't even feel like I need to be in a relationship.
But, God is good! He knows what ahead and He prepared the right one for us. In 2016, when I 28 years old, the dream has come true! He confessed to me and I also feel the same so we finally declared as boyfriend and girlfriend...arghhh. I love this moment.
So, if you feel heartbroken this time, don't give up! There a lot in front of you, keep going and one day, the right person will come and everything will be just like you prayed.
Don't give up when somebody rejected you, you are not good enough but just that person is not for you, God's plan is always the best. So, don't cried too much or waste the day by crying but go forward and live the life happily, looking forward for a new day and meet new people.
Lastly, please keep us in your prayer as being engaged is challenging you know! So, please us in your prayer so we can make it. 
Thank you for reading and I hope you learn something from here.


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